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Looking for New or good clean inspected small parts that you canít find anywhere. We know what fits because over the years we have assembled Thousands of engines for Chevy & Ford, Email bruce@enginefactory.com with a list of the Parts you would like to purchase be sure to include the following information in your email.

Type of Vehicle  ________  Year ______  Make __________ Model __________ Engine size  __________


Current Parts available  Fuel Pump Eccentrics,  Cam retainer Plates, Cam Bolts and washers, Roller lifter hold downs, New Roller lifters,  Distributor hold downs, New timing Covers, New Oil Pans,  Oil filter housings, New Head Bolts New Roller rocker arms, New Valve covers polished or painted, New Intake Manifolds Satin, Polished, or Black powder coated, Aluminum Heads, Balancer bolts and washers, Aluminum rear main seal housings. 

Complete engine short blocks, ready to assemble, for the do it yourself person, we supply 7 disc assembly videos.


Ford 360/390 FE Rocker Shaft

 Ford 360/390 FE Rocker Shafts 

Only 6 sets left in stock


FelPro gasket Set Fel Pro Gasket Set


Chevy 350 5.7L 1968-2000 Complete Gasket Rebuilding Set
Cam Kit

 Cam Kit



Edelbrock Roller Camshaft Duration 234/238 Lift 539/548  

Roller Timing chain and Sprockets 

Comp Roller Rockers 


Lifter Hold Downs and Guides 

Fel Pro Gaskets 

Chrome Timing Cover 

Camshaft Installation Video


Add the parts above to one of our Precision Built 350 Chevy 4 bolt main, Roller Cam, full Round seal, short blocks and obtain 435 horsepower. $1,995.00 Comes with Free Assembly DVDís
Chevy MSD HEI Distributor

Chevy MSD HEI Distributor #8362




MSD Street Strip HEI One Wire Distributor

53,000 Volt coil

Polished Housing

Hardened Gear works with Steel Roller or Flat Tappet Cam

Adjustable vacuum advance


Ford oil Pressure switch extension

Ford oil Pressure switch extension

# FOPSE in stock 



Chrome valve cover dress up kit


Chrome valve cover dress up kit

Part #141-900

Black Valve cover dress up kits 


Black valve cover dress up kit

Part #141-758

oRANGE Valve cover dress up kits 


Orange valve cover dress up kit

Part #141-780



Valve Cover and High Flow Air Cleaner Dress Up Kit

Polished cast aluminum tall slant edge vavle covers
These tall covers clear roller rocker arms
Covers have baffles for oil control

Part #141-920

ram-98764 RAM-98764
Clutch Kit, Powergrip, Iron/Organic, 1 1/8 in.- 26-Spline, 11 in. Disc, GM, Kit
$379.00 also available for Chevy, Ford, & Mopar

The eBook everyone has been asking for is available now.

50 years, 240 Pages of answers to everyday engine questions.

Only $39.95 order your copy today  info@enginefactory.com

4854 Hot new Item From Engine Factory Click to see a short video https://www.facebook.com/MuscleCarEngines/videos/10154291715083990/
Roll around Engine storage system it comes with Laser cut Bolt on steel mounting plates plus a 1,000 LB. dolly, store your New or old engine.

Send email to bruce@enginefactory.com $89.95



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