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Can I put an engine on an interest free Lay-a-way

Can I place a secure on-line engine order? Yes. click here to place order now.


Do I need a High Price Ignition System to be fast?

No.  We use all new race prepped HEI Systems on all our Chevy's.  We have built engines that turn 9.90's at 8000 RPM without a problem, we also use small body electronic distributors for vehicles that need clearance at the firewall --- along with TACH cable drive for early VETTES MSD systems are also available.


Which is better Carb or Fuel Injection?

If your vehicle is equipped with factory fuel injection stay with it.  We offer several upgrades to make it perform better. We are currently offering the Fast Electronic fuel injection system it is a great system if you want to go from carb to EFI but it will add several thousands of dollars over a carb system. 

NASCAR and NHRA still run CARBS.  Our experience and a number of independent racers will tell you that their is no real gain in power.  The injection system is usually better on emissions and that’s why big government secretly pushes it.  When an electronic system goes down your stuck.  New CARBS are very reliable they are designed and machined by CC machines, the secret to any fuel system is to be sure you have a perfectly clean tank and lines --- note all fuel tank rust out internally after 25 years.  


Should I use a carb with mechanical or vacuum secondary’s?

We recommend vacuum secondary’s  for engines that are used on the street.  When you put on those big double pumpers and you sit at a light and put it to the floor more often than not, your engine is to dump to much gas in and take off sluggishly until you reach 3000 RPM.  To much gas will also foul spark plugs.  


    Which Engine Combination is right for my Vehicle?  

This is one of the most common questions our technicians answer. We will ask you a list of questions that will help point you in the right direction.

For example:

A.       What is your car or truck being used for?

B.       How often do you drive your vehicle?

C.       Is idle quality important to you?

D.       Do you have a budget your working with or don’t want to exceed?


These are just a few of the questions we will address to make your buying decision the proper one for you.  

Lets say for example you have an early Camaro with a 5.0 liter that has high mileage and is tired.  You are looking for something you can use as a daily driver with good low end torque plus midrange horsepower for highway use and your budget for a complete turnkey engine is under $5,000.00.

Engine Factory offers several variations of the 350 --- they are available in different colors, finishes, wire colors etc.

350 / 210 HP             –  Is a stock engine

350 / 300 HP Stage 1 – One step up from stock engine

350 / 350 HP Stage 2 – Two steps up from Stock engine

350 / 390 HP Stage 3 – Three steps up from Stock engine

350 / 450 HP Stroker Stage 4 – Four steps up from Stock engine


We would recommend the 350/350 HP version as being a good overall fit for this customer.  It is worth mentioning though that all of our engines are very streetable.  Just that some are more aggressive than others.

Will my factory Transmission withstand the added horsepower?  

This is a concern for people wanting more power but are worried that their factory tranny is not up to the job.  That is why we usually say that your factory transmission should bolt up and work great as long as it is in good shape. Of course we do offer new transmissions talk to your sales person,  As you get more and more radical with an engine the transmission can receive some upgrades for instance using a higher stall speed converter and / or put a shift kit in for stronger shifts. You have control over the gas pedal so you have ultimate control.

Can I swap to a different or larger engine than what I currently have?  

This is a yes or no answer.  Whenever your swapping out to a different or larger engine some questions that would need to be addressed.  All small block Chevy’s will interchange.

1.      Will all your existing parts ex: Pulley, Brackets, Transmission, exhaust etc. switch over to the larger engine --- Yes all small block Chevy’s that we build have the same bolt patterns.

2.      Are you committed to spending the extra labor time and expense to making the transition work if it is not a direct bolt in swap --- example going from a Small block to a Big Block Chevy.

3.      Will you see a significant gain in horsepower in making the change --- Yes more cubic inches result in bigger Horsepower!!!

The good news is that there are some engines that can interchange very easily.  One very popular upgrade our customers do is to upgrade from a 305 to a 350. This is pretty much a direct bolt in with the proper setup.  Speak to our Sales Tech staff regarding swaps and they can give you some input.

What are the advantages of buying a Chevy Crate Engine from Engine Factory?

When you purchase a turnkey engine from Engine Factory you will receive a fully dressed assembly that is ready to run right out of the box --- Here is a list of what most of our engines come with:



  • Magnafluxed
  • Pressure tested
  • Deburred inside & out
  • Align honed
  • Deck squared
  • Bored & honed with diamond stone
  • All new Oil Galley Plugs and Core Plugs
  • Block Receives 3 coats of high temperature engine Enamel paint




  • Magnafluxed and shot PEENED hardened
  • Checked for straightness
  • Resized
  • Deburred
  • New ARP rod bolts installed




  • Micro polished and Deburred
  • Checked for straightness
  • Polish all bearing Surfaces
  • Chamfer all oil holes




  • Brand New Casting Aluminum Edelbrock Heads
  • New Stainless Steel Undercut and Polished Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • Hard exhaust valve seats for unleaded fuel
  • Three Angle Competition Valve Job
  • CNC Ported Matched Intake Runners




  • Water pump
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Lines
  • Polished Baffled Valve Covers
  • Breather and PCV valve
  • Harmonic balancer
  • Alternator brackets*
  • 100 Amp Alternator*
  • Electronic 1 wire Hookup Distributor
  • 8 mm plug wires
  • Champion spark plugs
  • Timing cover
  • Flywheel 
  • Chrome oil pan
  • March Underdrive Aluminum Pulleys*

*Note: Available for additional charge




Engine Factory knows the pride our customers take in restoring their cars.  That’s why our engine builders pay special attention to detailing the overall appearance of your motor.



To insure quality and performance, each engine is test run for approximately 45 minutes  During this time the cam is broken in, all valves are adjusted, the carburetor is adjusted and the ignition is timed.  All systems are checked to be sure that there are no water, fuel or oil leaks under running conditions.  When you receive your engine, it is ready to drop in place and can be installed with total confidence.




         ·         Customers name, year, and type of vehicle 

         ·         Type of engine that we are supplying 

         ·         Style of tin ware, oil pan, timing cover, valve covers 

         ·         Brand and type of cylinder heads 

         ·         Valve size, spring size, combustion chamber size 

         ·         Compression ratio, and recommended octane 

         ·         Details about your PCV system, breather, and baffles 

         ·         Style and brand of your intake system 

         ·         Carburetor brand and CFM size 

         ·         Type of fuel pump, and fuel lines 

         ·         Details on how to wire your electric choke 1 wire 

         ·         Details on 1 wire distributor set up 

         ·         Specs for initial, centrifugal, and vacuum advance 

         ·         Details on flywheel and harmonic balancer 

         ·         Details on water pump, and coolant flow 

         ·         Recommended items that you should replace 

         ·         Hoses that should be replaced, and air burping 

         ·         Explanation of how cooling system works 

         ·         Live running of your engine for one 45 MINUTES  

         ·         Test for oil leaks 

         ·         Test for fuel leaks 

         ·         Test for vacuum leaks 

         ·         Test for proper temperature at all 4 corners of engine 

         ·         Test for oil pressure cold, hot, and @ 3000 RPM 

         ·         Adjust carb, distributor timing, choke, and fast idle 

         ·         Perform a cylinder balance test 

         ·         Review thermostat housing, and coolant flow 

         ·         Review type oil to use, and change recommendations 

         ·         Review alternator, pulleys, and wiring procedure 

         ·         Explain heat indicators attached to block 

         ·         Explain proper break in procedure 

         ·         Explanation of owners and mechanics responsibilities 

         ·         A contact person that you can call if problems occur 

         ·         A list of parts that you should use to maintain engine 

         ·         A sincere thank you for your business 

All necessary documentation will be Emailed to you and are also included with the shipment of your engine.   


What other Add-ons will be needed with my engine purchase?

When you purchase the complete turn key engine package from the Engine Factory basically everything is there for you it will run right out of the Box Guaranteed.  Some of your responsibilities would include:

·         Exhaust System

·         Engine Mounts

·         Transmission

·         Front Pulley System (Some exceptions Apply)                                                           





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