Engine factory is proud to announce we now have available Small block Ford ready to run out of the box 600 Horsepower 351 Windsor Boss based Engines available with Holley carb standard, or optional  MSD Fuel Injection. Engines arrive ready to run right out of the box Guaranteed engine can be set up with Full pulley systems Alternator, PS, and AC compressor.

·         We take a 351Windsor Boss 4 Bolt Main New Block and assemble with all new parts but we tweak everything along the way to Gain Maximum Horsepower and Torque.

·         Displacement (cu in): 460/Small Block

·         Bore x stroke (in): 4.150" bore x 4.250" stroke

·         Block: Boss 351/W 9.5" deck 4 Bolt main

·         Crankshaft: stroker Forged Steel

·         Connecting Rods: forged steel H-beam 6.125-inch length 

·         Pistons: Forged Mahle® w/ floating wrist pin

·         Camshaft type: Hydraulic Roller

·         Camshaft lift (in): .594"/.618"

·         Camshaft Duration (@.050 in): 242°/248°

·         Cylinder Heads: Aluminum "Z" Cylinder Heads

·         Valve size (in): 2.02 intake 1.60 exhaust

·         Compression ratio: 10.0:1 (nominal)

·         Rocker arms : Ford Racing M-6564-F351 Roller Rocker arms

·         Rocker arm ratio: 1.65:1

·         Harmonic Balancer SFI Approved

·         Valve Covers: Ford Racing cast aluminum – many options available.

·         Oil Pan: Steel with deep front (9 quart) or rear sump (7 quart) pan with louvered windage tray and crankshaft scraper.

·         Water pump: Ford Racing M-8501-G351 included – long type - standard rotation

·         Includes Edelbrock super victor 2924 Intake Manifold.

·         Holley 850 Carb  standard, or Optional MSD Injection.

·         Distributor: MSD 85840 with steel gear with 8 MM wires and looms

·         Required fuel: Premium Unleaded Pump Gas.

·         Ignition timing: 36° at 3,000 RPM

·         Maximum recommended rpm: 5,800 RPM

·         Balanced: Internal – use neutral balance flywheels. Also available with optional new Tremec Transmission and clutch and bellhousing

·         Engine is live run for 45 minutes engine is broken in and everything is adjusted and Horsepower Tweaked.




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