I could not be more pleased with my new stroker. It arrived on time (I've heard horror stories from guys who bought their motor elsewhere and have had to wait months and even years!) and in perfect condition. Installation was easy and, as you promised, it started right up. I must admit I was was a bit skeptical about buying a motor "on the internet", but now 'I'm  glad I did! The amount of torque this motor produces is awesome! I can see I'll be buying rear tires soon. Please feel free to use me as a reference for you your potential customers. Pics to follow.

     Len Lawton
    1964 Chevy II 
     383 Stroker 




Bruce and Matt 
Just wanted to say thanks again. The engine exceeds my expectations. The 383 460hp motor runs great and started right up after install. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience. You were great to work with and I really appreciate all your help. I've included a few pictures of my Chevelle
Thanks Again
Brad Hubbard
Ozark, MO



Bruce and Matt

I purchased the 350/400hp motor from the Engine Factory with the March serpentine belt system for my 1962 Bel-Air
. This motor has power throughout the power range and there's no hesitation at any point. Matt really knows his motors and pointed me in the right direction.


I enjoyed working with Matt  and I would recommend Engine Factory to anyone purchasing an Engine.

Albert Peterson

4138 Winona Ct

Denver CO 80212-2257



Matt I want to thank you so much for the help you gave me on what engine and transmission to put in my 1967 El Camino the 350 turnkey 400 hp engine with the 400 turbo automatic was the right choice I got it installed and it fired up the first turn of the key the response is awesome my installer said it was the easiest installation he has ever done I am so happy with the way it runs the response is right there I will recommend you to everyone I know  that wants an engine here are a few pictures of the truck and the engine


Again thanks for all of your help and the best engine I have ever bought


Alen "PEP" Peppard / 530 E Kiva Hobbs NM 88240/ C- 575-631-7634/



Subject: 1968 Camaro 350/400 HP Engine Factory Engine


Matt & Bruce,


     This letter is a Grateful Thank You for all your help and great Customer Service.  The engine is all installed and running like a CHAMP!  The motor sounds AWESOME and runs like a muscle car should.  I'm getting all kinds of compliments on the engine and I'm telling them they too can get a great engine just like it at the  This engine was exactly what my car needed.  I have included some photos.


Thanks Again for Everything,


Des Moines, IA



Matt / Bruce / Brad


Thanks for the outstanding engine. The addition of one of your 383's has truly given new life to my 69 Camaro. Who would have ever imaged that the sound of my car coming down the street would cause people to come running out of their houses. The engine runs beautifully and has all the power that I could ever imagine. The car is truly an awesome piece now thanks to you guys.


   Thanks again, and keep up the great work!


      Santo Militello

Sterling Heights Mi.



Hello Bruce,

Engine arrived here in Grand Junction Co. 07/20/09. I got it installed and running on 08/09/09.

It took me a little longer than most as I am disabled and have to be very careful.

Changed air cleaner for looks being sure that it filters as good and has as much air flow as original.

After filling with fluids it started right off and runs great.

Anyone looking for an engine ready to run right out of the box the Engine Factory is the way to go.

350/400hp definitely a head turner.

T-Bucket weighs 1720lbs full of fuel needless to say it is super quick and a ball to go cursing around town.



Grand Junction, Co.






Finally put the finishing touches on my Corvette (engine #2) and thought I would share the final result.  Your engine runs very strong and looks great!  Since the original 1980 speedometer only goes to 85 MPH it only takes a few hundred feet to bury it. 


Hopefully I will have the El Camino out by fall (engine #1).


I look forward to working with you folks again on my next project!  Your service and assistance are Top-Notch.


Thanks again,


Scott Levereaux

Spartanburg, SC








I've attached photos of my car and a recommendation below for your website.

I purchased the 350/400hp motor from the Engine Factory with the March serpentine belt system for my 1982 Corvette and after three months it has and is running like a champ. This motor is strong throughout the power range and there's no hesitation at any point. Matt and the Engine Factory team really know their motors and pointed me in the right direction at every step of the way. I would recommend these engines to anyone seeking a reliable, powerful motor. If you want to save yourself some time and really make it unique go with the March serpentine belt system.

Dwayne Harmon
Jacksonville, FL




 Hi Matt, I got my new engine a few weeks ago, looks great and finished installing it on Friday night. My mechanic was probably more excited than I was, sounds awesome and seems to have some pretty good juice.


 Thanks much, love the engine !

  Glen Peters




 502 engine installed


Matt and Bruce,


                Finally got the 502 engine in the 70 Chevelle and man talk about some power and torque. Your company did an excellent job building the engine and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and performance of the engine. The Chevelle will really look good at the car shows this summer and I will be telling everyone where I got the engine from .Thanks again for building me a great engine. 







Hello Matt and Bruce:


On April 5, 2008 the engine arrived at my house here in Los Alamos, NM.


I started it for the first time, after 13 months, last Tuesday May 5, 2009. Fired right up ran beautifully


Its coupled to a TH350 and Dana 300 transfer case both newly rebuilt.


I had never done anything even remotely like this before I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. I had a local garage help put in a dual exhaust system which is pretty tricky on a CJ7 with Flowmaster mufflers. Sounds great!


James Mahan

Los Alamos, New Mexico







Here is a shot of the Chevy 383 Stroker motor that I ordered from the Engine Factory.  The engine was delivered in June of 2008.  The motor was mounted on the frame and sat covered while all of the body work went on around it.  Finally last week (2/20/2009) we were able to finish the fuel line and run electrical to the motor.  The motor fired to life immediately after priming the system with fuel.  The motor runs smoothly but can definitely feel the 460 hp pounding the floor. 

Thanks again for the outstanding service prior to the sale and afterward answering my questions.  Iím excited to get it out for a drive!


Dave Koenigsfeld

Bio-Kinetic Clinical Applications

1816 W. Mt. Vernon

Springfield, MO  65802



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