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Engine Built for  Baragwanath 

From: John Baragwanath [mailto:jbaragwanath80@gmail.com]

Dear Matt,

I am writing to you to thank you and Engine Factory for all your help in restoring my 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. You may recall that I live in Santiago, Chile and I bought a 350 motor with 430 hp from you .

I teamed the motor with a Tremec 5 and have one was easy to drive fast Camaro 69. The engine once warmed up is a dream to drive giving lots of torque and smooth power through the revolutions.

I am sending you some photos.

Once again thanks for all your help and all the best.

Kind regards,

John Baragwanath



  My Cobra now has an engine!!      


Adam Hutchins engine live run Short Video   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151954932828990


So I decided to go with Engine Factory to build my motor. It was a bit more money, but they seem to have good reviews. Plus I like that the engine is fully built by certified people that know what they're doing, then fully run test it, break in the cam and lifters, and get everything all dialed in and tuned up. Literally a drop-in-and-drive motor. I probably would have been able to build up a long-block myself, but these guys have experience, and know what parts work well together to make a solid motor. Either way, their customer service is top-notch in my experience. They took time to talk with me on the phone, answer questions, and more importantly, ask ME questions to find out exactly what I was looking for and what I needed to build me the right motor. Not only that, but during the build they took plenty of photos along the way to email me, they sent me a video of the engine running on their test stand, and included a Dvd walk-through of my engine showing all the specifics and hook-ups. They also sent all the documentation and paperwork for everything, as well as their guidelines and instructions for hooking everything up properly.


Thanks Guys Adams Hutchins



Bruce & Matt

My engine arrived today in perfect condition. Give everyone a big THANKS for such a beautiful job on the engine. All the details that went into making such a perfect piece says everything about your company and your perfection. When I get it installed I'll take some pictures of the engine compartment and the 1950 Chevy truck. I think they will compliment each other well. I've been restoring old chevys for years, this will probably be my last as father time is finally catching up with me. Again thanks for the great work!!!

 James Your Engine video   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151914589908990

 Finished assembly and testing today everything turned out 100%. Please understand your engine Tests quiet because the EPA & OSHA now makes us vent the exhaust sound out 30 feet away from the engine >>>  Thanks Big Government.  Click on the blue link below it is a short video clip of your engine running.  After you install a nice set of Headers and Flow Master Mufflers Your engine will sound Awesome!!!!! Here is a link of Flow Master Muffler sounds Normally we recommend the 40 series Delta FLOW OR Super 40  


 James Sowell




Thank you and everyone at the Engine Factory for putting together such an awesome 383 Chevy V8.  My 57 Gasser finally has the engine (and sound) to match its looks!   I will not have to search the web for my next project's engine.  It will have to be from the Engine Factory!!

Dave from San Antonio TX



Dear Mr. Nelson and Crew,

I received my small block chevy engine and transmission yesterday.  I am sending this e-mail to say "Thank you" for your excellent service and personal attention to my order.  Upon opening the shipping containers, I was more than satisfied with the professional packaging and what I received.  As you may know, this is my second order with Engine Factory and have the same satisfaction as with my first order.  It will be awhile before the engine/trans will be installed in my '33 Factory Five Rod; I will send a photo when the installation is complete.  I may have a few questions during the installation process; I would appreciate your patience with my naivete during this time. 

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,


David E. Antkowiak 






Tim and Bruce,


Thank you for building this fantastic engine. I'm really glad that I selected The Engine Factory for this project. My 58 TBird is my pride and joy and this engine completes a 10 year restoration. I highly recommend your company to anyone that is considering a performance engine. This engine is everything you represented it to be and the service after the sale is everything I could have hoped for.


Jerry Roddy



Mr. Bruce Nelson The Engine Factory Cokesbury Road Lebanon, NJ 08833

Sir: I am writing to convey my overwhelming satisfaction with the engine I purchased but more importantly to relate my appreciation for the dedicated assistance that all of your staff provided. I purchased the engine for my 1981 Pontiac Trans Am, a vehicle my father purchased brand new, because the original engine was unreliable and underpowered. The Chevy 350 I purchased exceeded my expectations for performance and reliability. I believe that the engine manufactured by your team allowed me to really enjoy my vehicle for the first time.


The personal assistance you have provided has been amazing. Matt has never let me down since the day I first called to inquire about the purchase. Tim, Brad, and Robert were some of the most knowledgeable and helpful professionals I have ever encountered.


Your company is a great example of American work ethic and dedication and I feel fortunate to have purchased my engine from The Engine Factory. You have delivered more than you promised. Thanks again for taking the time to assist me and for such a great product, I feel truly lucky to have worked with such honest and dependable people.


Best Regards

Shawn M. Gralinski

Major, US Army



  Engine Factory


I Purchased a 351W/400 HP engine from Engine Factory - it sat for 5 years during build.  Started instantly and purrs. Perfect engine for my 34 Ford.


Thanks Guys it was everything you said it would be Clyde Gilbert




Scott Newell Sold Me!! I bought this engine all most 3 years ago and I have NO regrets.  Click blue link below and  listen to the engine!!!



Matt and Bruce are both knowledgeable and trustworthy. The engine is in a 1970 Nova and it screams, I also continue to win at the car shows! look up scots nova on you tube and check it out! Thanks Matt!!!!!!




Well its been a while but my 76 Corvette is almost complete with the restoration and is in a well known corvette shop in Ct. Bill Calwell Corvettes  The shop specializes in 55 to 67 Vettes but there was something about my 76 that made him say yes I will take on the project. I was there today to check in on it and Bill said he would never had thought so many C2 guys would walk over to my car and say WOW! nice C3 and he would say want to see the best and pops the hood and starts up the motor and everyone just gets a huge grin on there face. They all had to know the builder so today bill put a sign on the car Motor built by Engine Factory.com and passed on your info to all the corvette clubs. Just had to share this with you thought you would like to hear. I will forward pictures as soon as restoration is complete.


Rick Freeman




Thanks Engine Factory I told your dad how happy I was with the engine that you built for my 33 Hot Rod and I have mentioned your company to everyone that I have shown the car to they all think it is Awesome!!!


Thanks for a great engine.


Wayne Patterson [mailto:waypat62@gmail.com]


Engine Factory Install 

Subject: 350 for 59 Bel Air



Hello everyone at The Engine Factory!

Now the Engine runs as it should. We had some issues but we solved them out.

All the vibrations is gone. We also change the motor and gear mounts to softer type. Now the car runs perfect!!


We couldnít be more happy!! The power is unbelievable!

Itís not weaker than the big block we took out. My father drives around with a big smile on his face:-) it have been taken hundreds pictures of the car and engine already on car-meetings...the hood is open all the time.

We are satisfied with everything, thank you all, Engine Factory!

Per and Lars.


Ps.. I am thinking more and more on a new engine for my 57' Bel Air...


Lars & Per Johansen from Norway




Engine Factory  


Engine arrived FRIDAY. Installed yesterday. Driving today.


Thank you so much. Install was flawless


Jon DeGaynor


John Lyle Engine Build Engine Factory 

Here is a picture of the engine you built for Steve brown ( Stanley steamer) back in 2006. Has 2500 miles on it and runs great! The power is unbelievable! Hold on when you get on it!


John Lyle



To Engine factory


I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a engine from someone I did not know. But after research the Engine Factory impressed me and I ordered a 383 stroker engine. Everything went as advertised and I absolutely recommend the Engine Factory.


Jim Kerr

Scottsbluff NE  



Chris & Bruce

Itís been almost 4 years since I ordered my 302/375 HP Engine.

My FFR MK3 roadster project is finally coming to a close with paint and final assembly. Iíve had several test runs and this motor is a beast. I want to thank you and your assembly team for delivering such a great product. The motor ran great from day one. Iíll send you some pictures of the final build when completed later this summer.


Thanks Again and I wonít hesitate to recommend your engines to future FFR builders.

Frank Day







        There was a request that I send a couple of pictures when the Mustang was finished. It has been road tested and the motor runs very well. I have Tri Y headers and a great exhaust system which has a really mellow V8 throbbing sound.


Very happy with the motor it runs perfect Awesome Power!!!! 


Thanks for your great work with the motor.


Pete Wilson


Tim  Christian and Bruce,


WELL DONE! That engine looks great and sounds fantastic!


I am enjoying all the photos and the personalized video.


Click here to see Jeff's engine run



My thanks to everyone involved.


I was concerned going over my budget for an engine but I can see now I made the right choice with Engine Factory.



Jeff a. Kates



Hi Matt,


Well, it took some time, but the engine (350 CI, 350 HP) is now installed in my Chevy Van 1986. First 250 miles driven.

Engine is so powerful, really great. Ofcourse I take the time and I'm careful with the new engine. Keeping it at 4000 RPM maximum.


Click this blue link to see Maartens engine Run            https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=539576214921


Best regards,


Maarten Hoogervorst

The Netherlands




Thanks Guys for building us one awesome 331 Stoker for my 1965 Daytona coupe.



Charles Caikoski    FFR Cobra Build Click Here                                   Take a ride in a Cobra Click Here                              



From: Ajit Ramchandran [mailto:xoticars@gmail.com]
To: Engine Factory
Subject: A Big Thank You !


Good Morning Chris,


Just a note to say thank you very much for having done my engine. I know that I have come to the best place

on earth for engines. Bruce has been updating me on the progress of that engine, and I know that he has done

a great job. This thank you goes out to Bruce too.


All in all, you guys have given me great service and really appreciate all that you guys have done. I have been

 restoring cars for a long time now and deal with a huge number of companies, as I have over 22

American classic cars and need parts all the time, and the experience with Engine factory has been nothing short

of "outstanding". Extremely professional, and great attention to service and detail. Thank you.


I have been sharing my experience with a number of Car enthusiasts here and they all join me in saying you guys are

great. It is the huge hassle and expense of getting these engines into India that deters most of us. I am being brave.





Thanks guys for Great service and an Awesome engine for my Camaro. I have received many compliments about the Engine it runs and sounds awesome. It is everything you said it would be.

Gil Gomez Jr.





From: Phillip Salmon [mailto:psalmon@indy.rr.com]



Here are a few pictures of the car. The car won best in class at the

Indianapolis World of Wheels this past February.  Your Engine runs great!


Thank you Engine factory.






First car show first place 


Thanks engine factory for building me an awesome engine and all your technical support.

 Here is a photo of my car in the car show this weekend. It placed First in the class they put me in against 250 entries.



EarthLink Revolves Around You.






Thanks engine factory for supplying me with a great engine.  I bought this engine about 4 years ago and it is rock solid.


I have it installed in my "65" Shelby Cobra replica and it sounds & looks great.


What a head snapper when I step on the gas.  I gets lots of positive feedback on this 351W with the polished intake, carb & pulleys.


This engine is the 351W with 400HP that you offer for the Cobra Replicas.


I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest.  In fact I have spread your name around to all that have asked me about the engine.


I have a pic of the engine and the car before it went to the body shop.  It is now out of the shop and looks and drives awesome.


Thanks again for delivering on your promise.


Best Regards,



Don Munroe Sr.


Thanks engine factory for building an awesome engine for my Dream car.


John Volok






Hello Matthew and Bruce


You guys built a 383 stroker for me back in 2007 for my Corvette, it was the 475 hp Rolling Thunder engine using Etec-200 heads and the #2207 signature series cam.


Just want to tell you the motor is still running exceptionally well


I also fitted a  TKO-600 manual trans (0.82 OD) and changed diff to a 3.73 ratio.


The gearing complements the motor exceptionally well.


This latest tune has unleashed the full potential of the motor, and I'd have to say its a bit scary. 

It makes me feel like a teenager again.    

Just thought I'd let you know that your motor continues to put a huge smile on my face when I fire it up and drive the car.


Thanks again.




Tom Stanef


from Adelaide,  Australia



Thanks guys at the Engine factory for building me an awesome 427 Ford engine for my Cobra. I just got it up and running it is everything you said it would be.


Hi Chris,

Engine is in and running.


James D. Harabedian


Falcon Industries, Inc.

Somerset, NJ




Subject: Joseph Chiapetta Engine - jchiapetta01@snet.net


 Hi Bruce,


I received my engine Friday. The engine is so "beautiful" that I almost do not want to "dirty it up" by installing it in the car. I am extremely impresed with the meticulous detail that went into building this engine, with the conveyance of the critical information that is needed for the installation, and also the detail that went into the preparation for shipment. I would highly recommend your company in a heartbeat.


Regards and many thanks,


Joe C




Subject: 1966 LSC 427


Bruce / Christian / Robert:


It has been awhile since we last communicated.

My kit delivered 1/31/2010.  I drove it for the first time 7/4/2010.

My car went to paint and interior over the winter and was completed 2/17/2011.  Just in time for the 2011 Dallas Autorama where it made its debut.

I have entered 9 shows and taken 9 1st place plaques or trophies.

I wanted to send a note to say "Thank you" for building me an amazing engine.  The 418W stroker gets tons of comments and has provided me 7500+ miles of troublefree joy.  A few adjustments and a couple oil changes is all I have had to do.

As you can tell, I drive it as often as possible.

Remember the black pulleys, valve covers, and air cleaner?

The car was photographed back in March 2011 and will be making an appearance in Kit Car Builder magazine at some point.

Here are some pics of the final product.

Thank you again for a great product.


Ken Buchheit


Grand Prairie, TX


From: Jaime Velazquez [mailto:velazquezjaime149@gmail.com]


Sorry about the delay Matt this is my 95 jeep Wrangler yj with your TPI engine. Iím very happy with the engine, thank you for everything and all your support.

The engine runs awesome.

Jaime Velazquez









Hi Matt & Bruce,


          Well it is finally completed. If anyone out there is thinking of purchasing a engine look no further then the Engine Factory!! The engine was flawless as well as a heck of a looker. Working with Matt and  Bruce was a pleasure, Matt walked me through the selection along with the process of putting the engine together. Bruce kept me up to date with photo's of the engine from start to finish. This 383 Stroker with the 450 HP definitely puts the stock 190 HP to shame. Although this 1973 Corvette Stingray has a 3.08 rear-end (helps with gas mileage on weekend cruises) it will still lay down the rubber. The first time the wife drove it she took off from a stop and looked down at the speedometer and was doing 70 in nothing flat. Awesome!! Again it was a total pleasure working with both of you and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat, and will when we move on to another rod! Attached are some photos of the car.


Thanks again Matt & Bruce


Keith      keithhall@q.com



Matt My trike with your engine installed. Runs Great. Thought you might want to see this. Danny Butler

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