Wednesday, April 23, 2008 2:17 PM



Matt Walsh


Thank you so much for my Engine, I just received it yesterday. It looks awesome, Too nice to even run or put in my car for use. The guys at the shop where my car is being built think it looks GREAT. They compared it to another engine that was delivered there from another company, and yours is with no questions AWESOME!!!


hank you again.


383 Chevy stroker 460 horse power


Tony Sanchez

9177 Vena ave.

Arleta, CA 91331   



April 28, 2008 10:46 PM

Hey Matt:

Yet another successful build with an Engine Factory motor! This vintage Bronco has never experienced such power with your 302. The engine, like the others I have bought from you, is terrific and flawless. It started right up and runs like a charm. I am attaching pictures of this latest project.

Until next time,

Craig Annunziata

(Arlington Heights, IL)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 4:48 PM


Now I have mounted the 383 stroker I bought from you 1 year ago. It runs very great, and I drive it every weekend now in the summer time.







Tuesday, May 06, 2008 8:04 PM




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Engine Factory for building a 383 Stroker 500 HP engine for me.  I could not be happier with it.  Once it was installed and tested I was immediately impressed with the amount of power it puts out.  I have driven my friends 2006 Z06, which is a monster all it's self.  I compared the power I felt in the Z06 to what I felt from the 383 and I have to say, I could not tell the difference.  the power level from the Z06 and my engine is closely matched.  Although a new Corvette is nice, I prefer the C4 Corvette over them all.  I can now keep up with my friends 505 HP Z06.


I am pleased to say I made the right choice by going with the Engine Factory to build an engine for my 1988 Corvette.  You have been very helpful with my concerns and I would definitely recommend the Engine Factory to anyone who is looking for a great engine.  I have attached several pictures of the car for you to look at.  Thank you Matt for all your help.


Jerry  -


Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm well please with the service I've received from Bruce and his crew there. Those guys will go out there way to help you. I'm loving my engine, it gives me everything I want out of my 1965 impala. My nephew is buying a engine from them also for his 65 Impala. If I had to buy another engine for another Chevy, Engine factory will be my only choice. They also talk to me in ways to protect my investment. See attachment.... aluminum radiator and 700R4 Trans.


Anymore question you can call me 678-446-1394 Herb -


Design Authority
General Contractor
Residential & Commercial


February 19,2008


I thought you might like to see the application of your build. The engine runs great with a Monster AOD transmission. This 41 PU was purchased new by my grandfather in late 1940 and had the 4 cyl. engine. Thanks again for a great engine.

Jack Meek
Tulsa, OK



February 18, 2008

Hi guys,                                          

Here's your 383 Stroker with the retro look. Period 3x2 stombergs on an offenhauser intake, period valve covers, all this bolted up to a trick 700R4 tranny and a Explorer 9 bolt 3:55 rear end. Disc brakes all around with some vintage air comfort. Kept the car as stock as possible in and out with plenty of varooom supplied by the Engine Factory.

Thanks to all at the Engine Factory,

Dennis Lee]

Fresno, California


Friday, February 08, 2008


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 350/400 HP we received from Engine Factory is unbelievable. The engine was installed by Mild to Wild as we discussed and was finished THIS morning.

Jason took it for its maiden run and we have been on the road for 4.5 hours through highway and local roads.

OH HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will send pictures next week as we just got home from the test drive.

Call my cell if you want to chat. 203-247-5483

Bob -



Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bruce and Matt here's a couple of picture of my project car, However i still have to have it painted. The motor has excellent performance its back with a 700R4 transmission. I highly recommend, if anyone is looking for a good engine they need to contact yall (Engine Factory). if anyone wants to no more details about my engine from Engine Factory, Feel free to call or e-mail. 678-446-1394


Tue 2/5/2008


Bruce and/or Matt, here is the finished installation picture. The engine went in without a hitch. Most of the spectator's said they would never waste time building an engine again after seeing and hearing this one run. You might be hearing from them some day soon. Thanks for doing such a great job.            




January 17, 2008

Guys......November of 06, I bought a 408 Ford Stroker 470HP/496LBS. I just finished my 32 Ford Dearborn Convertible this December. It now has about 500 miles on it as I am in the process of breaking it in. The engine is fabulous, it pulls great, looked great and has been trouble free. no leaks, great oil pressure and runs nice and cool. Everyone who looks at it is blown away, a Ford in a Ford with a Tremec 5 speed.....fabulous. I am running it through the new Flowmaster Super series 44's and it sounds great. You guys were great to work with, everything was done when you said it would be, delivery was prompt and it fired right up. What more can a guy wish for. You guys run a first class operation, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I will get my next engine from, but it will have to be at least 600HP!! never enough. I have given your name and will continue to give your name to everyone who asks about my motor. keep up the good work. J.P. Hunter


ps: you had asked to send you some pictures of the finished hot rod they are attached. Please feel free to use me a reference anytime. 


J.P. Hunter

5337 Tamango Way

Austin, TX 78749



January 15, 2008

Matt / Bruce,

Great Job!!!!  The 383 stoker motor 475 hp that you folks built for me; gives this little Chevy II a new heart beat, it sounds and runs great. Nemours complements on the engine, (Iím sending them your way) I have attached some pictures of the engine installed, thanks for the great job.


Next project is a 32 Ford coupe, will be installing a Chevy Engine Factory engine, will be back in touch.


Thanks Again,


Dean Corbin

Houston, TX.


December 13, 2007


Everything went perfect, wanted you to know how pleased I was. Great

I have a Camaro and another Vette still to do. Talk to you soon.

Thanks again,

Paul Oberkircher.



October 24, 2007

Hi Bruce & Matt,

I have now finished the Ferrari P4 Replica & it is now on the road & drives great, awesome power, really pleased with your engine, & have attached a few pics of the car, If you would like to see more pics, just shout.

Thanks Brian


October 17, 2007



Hey Matt and Bruce my car is done and its awesome thanks to the Engine Factory!! 


My car looks great but sounds awesome. Everyone comments on the smooth but strong sounding engine. It also is a great looking addition to my 69 Camaro. When I step on the pedal you better have hold of the wheel. Great horsepower! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Also the tech help on the install was second to none. One more thing that really helped my was the layaway plan. Tell Bruce he did a great job and if you guys are ever in Bristol for the race I am only 10 minutes away.


Randy Campbell


August 27,2007


Dear Matt,

I wanted to touch base with you to say how much I enjoy the 383/450HP Stroker motor you built for my 69 RS Camaro.

I have added a 125 Hp. N.O.S. it really runs.

Jack Nelson





September 17, 2007

Engine Factory folks,
Hope you all are doing well. Here are some pics. Engine runs great!!! Needs a couple of things to completely finish but for the most part its done.

Jim Z

Tuesday, September 04, 2007








    July 19, 2007

Dear Matt,

Enclosed is a picture of my Vette with the 350 engine that you built for me in 2004. It is still running strong.




June 25, 2007


The engine runs run great. I could not be more pleased.
The power is definitely there. Attached is a few photos with my son, Evan, who actually paid for the engine.

June 11, 2007

Hi Matthew,

I received my 383-475hp stroker engine recently and made 100 miles on it. I have received everything as promised and even more.  I want to thank you for your patience for all the questions I had before I took my decision. You were very professional and I felt very secure to do business with you.

Thank you for considering your customers with so much respect.

The motor is now in my 1975 Camaro and it is very exciting to have such a strong motor in it. The sound is fantastic, there was no problem to start the motor, in fact everything was simply perfect.  As you explain to me, the motor is very strong, even at very low RPM.  All my friends are surprised of all I got for the price I have paid.

I am very happy and satisfied and wish you thank all the Engine Factory Team for that.

Best Regards
Bernard Langlais C.M.A.
Directeur administratif et financier
Construction Demathieu & Bard (CDB) inc.

May 23, 2007

Hi Matt and Bruce,

It may be too early yet but I just want to let you guys know that the new engine is really running nice. I have about 500 miles on it now and everything is great. It's idling better and man is it smooth. The oil pressure is at 30 lbs hot idle and it shoots right up to around 60 lbs as soon as the RPM goes up. That is down a little but I know that is normal as the engine loosens up. The power is awesome!

Guys, I have learned so much during this project. I want you to know how much I appreciate you sticking with me through everything. I'll never forget it. I wish I could drive to your shop and visit. I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks as more miles go by.

Also, Matt your concern for me over the shootings at the school was greatly appreciated too.

Thanks so much!!!


William E Shannon
Electrical Engineer
Virginia Tech Electric Service
601 Country Club Drive S.W.
Blacksburg VA 24061
540-231-0230 (office)
540-231-0302 (fax)
540-605-0286 (cell)

May 10, 2007

502 Installation

Matt, attached are a couple of pics of the installation showing the engine installed and the new high rise hood.  I have only put about 70 miles on it so far.  It feels and sounds good.  I believe the carb needs adjusting.  I will do that after I install the 195F thermostat.  It was a long time coming together, but I am very pleased with the outcome.  The new pan is a perfect depth for the Vette. Thanks for your help.

Dewey Kilgore, P.E.
Chief Tech. Adv. - Production Packer Dev.
241 County Road 4275
Clifton, TX 76634-5075
Office Phone: (254) 675-3069

The car is a 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400
Convertible. Triple Black.
I hooked your engine up to a Turbo-700 transmission with overdrive.
motor is matched up with Ram Air headers and dual exhaust running through flowmaster mufflers.
My Bird flat out rocks.
Thanks I really like the engine.
Drew Daniels
Austin TX


March 02, 2007

New engine installed
I finally got the new engine installed and fired up. It sounds awesome. Everything looks good. No leaks or abnormal sounds. I ran it for about 30 min in the garage, after it warmed up I let in run at various rpms from idle to 3k. If the weather cooperates I'll have more pics and a video soon. Thanks guys.


Engine Factory customers on their wedding day




Hi guys, thought I'd touch base with you guys and let you know how my Chevy 383/460 is running. G R E A T..... NO LEAKS, NO PROBLEMS, NO ONE

HAS BEATEN ME!!! Not bad hah? Motor has lots of power, especially from about 2000 to 5000 rpm in second gear- hang on. Anyhow, keep up the good work and stay in touch. STU and 350 GTO Ferrari   March 2007



I received and installed the new motor. Everything went pretty easy. Since it was my first time doing this,  I made several trips to the local auto parts store matching up nuts, bolts, vacuum lines. 3 days of work and last night I fired it up. It sounds awesome!! My wife made me turn it off since it was 10:30pm in the neighborhood. I have a few more small things to do to get it looking right then I will get her out on the road!  



Don Owens  April 2007





Hey Matt


This is Dan over at Vortex Racing. I finally got my car running with that 383 stroker motor you sold me. This thing is a beast. With my AFR heads and TPIS mini ram on there. This car is putting out over 500 hp. I also put a 150 shot NOS system on and look out. My mechanic said that this short block you guys built me is bullet proof and could handle even more. I canít wait to run it down the ľ mile.



Dan Geberth

Vortex Racing   






January 10, 2007

Hi Matt & Bruce
This is the picture I took today of the engine you built for me, it is now in "Old Blue and it runs and looks awesome!!!!!
Thanks again for all your help.
Audie Cooper

January 10, 2007

Hey Matt, Jeff East here. I am finally getting around to sending you and everyone at the Engine Factory a Big Thank You for building me a outstanding 350, 465 HP, for my 1947 Ford. Yes a great Chevy engine in a Old Ford.

Hey, I love my Chevy engines but I love my Ford Car Too. At the 2006 Grand National Roadster show in Pomona CA. Rod and Custom's Editor Kevin Lee gave the car his top pick and asked if I wanted to have my car shot for the Mag. I said yes and the car is now gracing the Cover of the March issue. He also gave me the center layout and a great write up. The performance from the engine you guys built is unbelievable!! I would recommend The Engine Factory to anyone that wants a quality built Turnkey engine. Not only is the engine top notch but the customer service, Matt Walsh, is priceless

 Rod n Custom Article


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