8 Chevy Installation Videos


VIDEO # 1 Introduction, Gauge Reading and Startup.
VIDEO # 2 Carb Idle Speed Adjustment, Mixture Adjustment, and Fast Idle Adjustment, Power Brake Vacuum Location, Accessory Vacuum Port Locations.
VIDEO # 3 Distributor Vacuum Hookup, Serpentine Explanation, Alternator Wiring, and AC Compressor Warning.
VIDEO # 4 Electric Choke Hookup, Fuel Leak Warning, PCV Valve Warning, and Oil Fill Recommendation.
VIDEO # 5 Oil Pressure Switch Location, Distributor Wiring, Temperature Gauge Location, Throttle Return Spring Warning, Thermostat and Coolant Fill Recommendation.
VIDEO # 6 Serpentine with a Single Belt, Radiator Warning, Header Ordering Information, Wire Looms, Corvette Tack Drive Distributor, Dip Stick Location, 4-Bolt Mains Standard.
VIDEO # 7 Setting the Distributor Timing, Lower Hose Warning, Starter Wiring, Flywheels.
VIDEO # 8 Closing Remarks.

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