Ford 427W 600 + HP Dual Sniper System

Limited supply order soon!!!
Over 575 lbs. of Torque!!!
Ford 427/600 HP Ready to run Full Package  


In-tank fuel Pump with 255 LPH designed for Holley Sniper systems Included

Packaged And Crated No charge.
No Core charge, Sold Outright
Additional cost of Options Below
Alternator system Included
Alternator and PS add $1,970.00
Alternator PS and AC add    $2,540.00
Standard Balanced Flywheel add $325.00

Lay Away plan available.

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600+ HP with Holley Dual Quad Sniper System  Detail Video 



  • Included is 255 LPH Retrofit in Tank pump designed for EFI No return line needed,
  • New Dart 4 Bolt Main Block 4.125 Bore
  • Forged Steel Stroker Steel Crankshaft 4.00 Stroke
  • Eagle Connecting Rods with 190,000 PSI ARP Bolts
  • Power Forged Mahle 10.2 To 1 Compression
  • Chrome Moly Rings
  • 3 Piece Roller Timing Set
  • Trickflow Tnk-AFPR1 Roller Camshaft EFI Compatible
  • Hi-Rev Hydraulic roller lifters.
  • Clevite H Series Bearings
  • Edelbrock Aluminum Heads E-205 #5027
  • 2.080 Intake valves 1.6 EX
  • 550 Valve springs
  • 10:2 Compression ratio, Pump gas 93 Octane
  • Comp Chrome Moly Pushrods
  • 1.6 Roller Rockers Screw in HD rocker studs.
  • New Melling High Pressure Oil Pump and Screen
  • New Harmonic Balancer Sfi Approved,
  • New HD Automatic Trans Flexplate Included.
  • New Canton Oil Pan front or rear choice
  • Aluminum Timing Cover
  • Ansen Black 427/Cu Inch Baffled Valve Covers
  • Holley Lower Base, and Upper Hi Ram Intake.
  • You will need to cut out hood for Clearance.
  • Polished Holley Sniper throttle Bodies With Linkage.
  • Fuel pressure Regulator Tnk-AFPR1
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge # 650320
  • Russell Fuel lines with Y fittings For throttle Bodies
  • High torque Mini starter, with Mid plate
  • Holley Dual Syn Distributor # 565-111 W/ steel Gear
  • Holley Hyper Box # 556-152 & Holley coil #556-152
  • Taylor Silicone Wires, Red, Black, or Blue, available.
  • New Thermostat & Housing
  • Air Cleaners with Red Elements
  • PCV Ventilation System
  • Includes CVF Serpentine system with 160 Amp alternator

    All above included $28,725.00