302 Ford 390 HP


Precision Machined 302 Roller Block
Nodular Cast Iron Crankshaft
Shot Peened & Stress Relieved Connecting Rods With 190,000 Psi Hardened Bolts
Hypereutectic Federal Mogul 9.5 To 1 Compression
Speed Pro Chrome Moly Piston Rings
3 Piece Steel Double Roller Style Timing Chain
Custom Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
New Melling Oil Pump And Screen
AFR Series Aluminum Performance Heads
180 CC Intake Runners, 60 CC Combustion Chambers
New 2.02″ Intake Valves.
New 1.60″ Exhaust Valves.
9.8 Compression ratio, Pump gas 93 Octane
Hi Rev Valve Springs, up to 575 Cam lift
Champion Spark Plugs Gapped And Installed
Roller Rockers
New Chrome Moly Push Rods
New Chrome Front Sump 5 Quart Oil Pan
Timing Chain Cover With Scale
Chrome Baffled Valve Covers
Automatic Flexplate
New Aluminum Intake Manifold
New Quick Fuel 750 CFM Carburetor With Electric Choke
Electronic Ignition Distributor. 1 Wire Hook-Up 45,000 Volt MSD Coil
45 Degree Water Temperature Thermostat Housing
Taylor 8mm Wires
New Chrome Thermostat Housing
New Fuel And Water Pump
Chrome Dip Tube And Dipstick
New Chrome Air Cleaner
New Fuel Lines And Gas Filter
Hot Run Tested Includes Setting Initial And Full Timing Advance
Video Footage Shown Of Your Engine In Test Stand
Blue Printed, Assembled By ASE Technicians
Crating And Packaging


Packaged And Crated No charge.
No Core charge, Sold Outright

Additional cost of Options Below
Alternator system Add $990.00
Alternator and AC add $2,180.00
Alternator and PS add $1,970.00
Alternator PS and AC add $ 2,540.00
Holley Sniper electronic Fuel injection add $2,350.00
Standard Balanced Flywheel add $325.00
High torque starter add $240.00

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We’ll install and align the Clutch Disk, and Pressure Plate,

and install a new Bell-housing, and Clutch Fork.

The Following Options are available Pricing Below.

  • Aluminum Bellhousing,  Steel Bellhousing add $300.00
  • Flywheel Balanced and installed
  • Heavy Duty Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate and Bolt Kit
  • Clutch Fork, Throw Out Bearing and Pilot Bushing

Complete Clutch Package With Aluminum Bell Housing.: $2,695.00
Add Hydraulic Slave Cylinder $395.00
Add TKO 600 Transmission $3,495.00
Add T5 Transmission $2,747.00