10 Reasons to Buy From Us

1. We are a family run business. If you are requesting information, ready to get an exact price quote, want to talk about colors or accessories, or are ready to place an order, you will always be talking to a family member. We get it right the first time.

2. We have been in business since 1969. Be careful a lot of companies on the internet tell you how long they have been building engines. This not a true test nor does it say if they really know what they are doing. They might have just opened up, we have been in business for 45 years.

3. We purchase millions of dollars of performance parts a year direct from leading performance manufactures and we pass the savings along to our customers. Don’t be fooled by shops that promise you a low price and then nickel and dime you for everything.

4. All our turn key engines are live run for 40 minutes at our factory in real world conditions. We monitor over 50 different items so that when you install our engine you don’t have to worry about anything.

5. The price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay!! No hidden charges.

6. When you call the person that wrote up your order, it is the same person that will help you with any questions that you have now or 5 years from now.

7. We make the shipping process very easy. Tell us where you want it delivered, we don’t care if it is to your house or to your mechanic. Any place in the USA or just about any place worldwide it is not a problem.

8. We have sales people worldwide who will assist you in your native language. They can also let you know the money exchange rate and can calculate vat taxes etc. The price that is posted on the internet is the price that you will pay.

9. We specialize in Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar engines. We know all the proper combinations that produce horsepower and we know exactly what it takes to build reliability. Let’s face it you want to turn the key and enjoy!!!! There are thousands of different engine combinations. The secret is to know exactly what works and what will last.

10. So look over our complete website. Once you do you will know who the original is and who the copy cats are. It is your money let us help protect your investment. Let us build the engine of your dreams.

Bruce T. Nelson