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Ian Duncan purchased an Engine Factory – 331 stroker installed in his ’67 Mustang rally car about 10 years ago

He won the east Africa Rally championship 6 times. A couple of times in the mustang beating out Porsches and big dollar race teams……… Mustang 2009. Ian Duncan. Winning

Talk about grueling,  race is over 3,100 miles long over 10 days through the hot desert of Kenya and Tanzania

Thanks Engine Factory for a great engine




Chevy 383 Stroker Video

Adam Bolen Testimonial

383/475 HP Stroker for C10


Bruce and Tim  Finally finished…

Thank you very much for the fantastic engine!

What do you think?  Looks Awesome


Hi, Bruce and Tim .

I thought you might want some pictures of my car and your engine.

Thanks for a great motor.

Charles Lawrence

Sunday, May 3, 2020 4:29 PM
Subject: It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let you guys know I finally installed my engine, I bought it four years ago. Fogged the cylinders with WD-40 and it started on the second crank (I had the kill switch off or it would have started on the first). Great job guys, it sounds fantastic, I had neighbors coming from up and down the street when they heard it start uncapped. Everything you said in your ads and when selling the engine was true. Not a leak, not a miss, no cosmetic defects it simply runs perfect.


James Jones


Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by EngineFactory.comPosted by Muscle ...
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Engine Factory Engine on trucks tv

Engine Factory 347 Ford Stroker Trucks TV

Engine Factory Ford 347 Stroker on Powerblock TV "Trucks" FactoryPerfecting Muscle Car Engines Since 1969Email: info@enginefactory.comCall: 800-326-6554Posted by Muscle Car ...
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Eleanor 600 hp

Eleanor 600 hp

Hi Engine Factory Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here ...
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Shawn Phelps


Shawn-Phelps-1Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 11:08 AM

Hey Bruce, Brad, Matt and Crew,

The engine is in and I am just putting the finishing touches on it.


Shawn Phelps

Shawn Phelps (11/16/10)

Ian Duncan

Ian Duncan purchased an Engine Factory – 331 stroker installed in his ’67 Mustang rally car about 10 years ago

He won the east Africa Rally championship 6 times. A couple of times in the mustang beating out Porsches and big dollar race teams………

Talk about grueling,  race is over 3,100 miles long over 10 days through the hot desert of Kenya and Tanzania


Thanks Engine Factory for a great engine

Larry Goodin

Larry Goodin reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

March 17, 2016

My 383 stocker was delivered to me on time and 100% as ordered in 2009, and 26000 miles later it still runs strong and my 49 Thames can lift the front wheels 2 feet in the air at will. Good people, good engine, good value.

Larry Goodin

331 Ford Stroker Engine

331 ford stroker

A customer dropped by today to show us his Daytona Coupe that we built the 331 Ford Stroker Engine for; great job! Engine runs perfect.

George 350/375HP


Hi Matt,

I just wanted to send a brief message to let you know that my 350/375 hp engine is running to perfection. Thanks to you, my 82 Vet now has the power, the muscle, the punch that I’ve always wanted. : }

Its not often that one can do business with a company that actually lives up to their reputation. I’m happy to say that you and the folks at The Engine Factory have done just that. Everything arrived on time and as described on your website, which by the way, is a very useful site.

Its been a real pleasure doing business with you. Your knowledge, professionalism, suggestions, support, etc. has far exceeded my
expectations. Moreover, your accessibility and willingness to help during and after my transaction is very reassuring.

So, thanks Matt for making this a very pleasurable experience. You guys are phenomenal!!


Attached is a picture of the installed engine.


George 350/375 HP

Micheal Bernardin

Micheal Bernardin

Bruce and Matt,

Thanks for the Fine engine you built for my ’34 Ford two door sedan.
The engine is good to go and runs like its suppose to.
Thanks for the time you put in on the set up and workmanship that went into the build.
It saved me a lot of time getting the 4.3 out and the 350 in.

Thanks goes out to your guys that made my day.

Micheal Bernardin

Micheal Bernardin

Ron Busch 383

ron bush

Finally finished my truck,1931 Ford Model A.

The 383 you built for me is fantastic. This engine is so well balanced you wouldn’t know it was running, the awesome sound puts that to bed. I haven’t put too many miles on it so I have been taking it easy. I can’t wait to get some more miles on it so I can see what it will really do. Easiest, safest, and by far the most bang for the buck you will find anywhere. Thanks also to the delivery of the engine. The driver helped me get it into my garage, and being a true gear head he wouldn’t take a tip. He said he really just wanted to see what it looked like !

Thank you Engine Factory.


Ron Busch 383

Gerald Lunsford

Gerald Lunsford reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

Gerald Lunsford, if you are in the market for a new engine I would take time to call the engine factory, they built me a great engine, if it’s a Chevy ask for Matt Walsh, he will treat you like a customer, will return ,emails , and calls he was a lot of help with the comp. cam co. ever one at engine factory was very nice to talk with.
Gerald Lunsford

Gerald Lunsford

James D. Harabedian

Thanks guys at the Engine factory for building me an awesome 427 Ford engine for my Cobra. I just got it up and running it is everything you said it would be.

Hi Chris,
Engine is in and running.

James D. Harabedian
Falcon Industries, Inc.
371 Campus Dr.
Somerset, NJ 08873

James D. Harabedian

Jim O’Connell


My son-in-law and I installed the engine and drive train last evening.
Jim O’Connell Ford 347 Stroker

Ford 347 Stroker for a 1966 MK4 Cobra

Posted by Muscle Car Engines on Friday, September 12, 2014

My son-in-law is rebuilding a Mustang and was going to rebuild the engine himself. Once he saw the engine you built for me he is rethinking his decision and may go with a crate motor from the Engine Factory.


Jim O'Connell

Joe Chiapetta

Subject: Joseph Chiapetta Engine –

Hi Bruce,

I received my engine Friday. The engine is so “beautiful” that I almost do not want to “dirty it up” by installing it in the car. I am extremely impresed with the meticulous detail that went into building this engine, with the conveyance of the critical information that is needed for the installation, and also the detail that went into the preparation for shipment. I would highly recommend your company in a heartbeat.

Regards and many thanks,

Joe C

Joe Chiapetta

Keith Hall 383 /450HP


Hi Matt & Bruce,

Well it is finally completed. If anyone out there is thinking of purchasing a engine look no further then the Engine Factory!! The engine was flawless as well as a heck of a looker. Working with Matt and Bruce was a pleasure, Matt walked me through the selection along with the process of putting the engine together. Bruce kept me up to date with photo’s of the engine from start to finish. This 383 Stroker with the 450 HP definitely puts the stock 190 HP to shame. Although this 1973 Corvette Stingray has a 3.08 rear-end (helps with gas mileage on weekend cruises) it will still lay down the rubber. The first time the wife drove it she took off from a stop and looked down at the speedometer and was doing 70 in nothing flat. Awesome!! Again it was a total pleasure working with both of you and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat, and will when we move on to another rod! Attached are some photos of the car.

Thanks again Matt & Bruce


Keith Hall

Gunther Maier

Gunther Maier Engine Factory Testimonial

From: Gunther Maier []

I did a long research with different crate engine companies. The Engine Factory, Matt and Bruce, is absolutely amazing.

They built the engine for my needs, I am towing my Harley once in a while. Also when you have questions, they will have an answer for you!

Get the matching March serpentine system also, it not only looks great but works even better. The engine is hot tested and runs right out of the box. Everybody who has seen it so far is just wowed. I wanted a daily driver I can depend on and that is what I got.

This was one of the best decisions I made on the truck!

Good luck, give them a call you will not regret it.


Gunther Maier

Bill Engisch

Bruce and Tim

My son Brian and I would like to thank you and Tim for the Engine Factory shop tour on October 12th. We had a very positive experience earlier this year when we placed the engine order with Matt and you and after the shop tour we became even more convinced we found the right place to build our Ford 331 Stroker Engine!
During our visit, we were amazed at Tim’s knowledge regarding these engine builds. We came prepared with a long checklist of questions for our build and before we had a chance to ask even one question, Tim had confidently addressed each and every one.
Our 1966 Mustang Fastback is nearing completion and has been a father/son project for the past twelve years. We’ve done the majority of work ourselves, so this has become a very special car to us and it was important to us to have just the right engine. We wanted a company that knows engine building, that uses quality American parts, and that stands behind their product. Both my son and I feel we found all that in the Engine Factory. We look forward to receiving the finished product and getting the ’66 Mustang on the road by spring 2016!

Bill Engisch

Bill Engisch

Richard Emslie

From: Richard Emslie

Matt Brad Bruce,

To be honest I do not have words for what you have built for me; You exceeded all my expectations!

Also even with the big cam the inlet manifold vacuum is amazing, Oil pressure is perfect! I get tears in my eyes looking at the photos

This is a dream come true!

From my heart – THANK YOU

Richard Emslie
Middelburg, South Africa

Richard Emslie

Don Munroe Sr


Thanks engine factory for supplying me with a great engine. I bought this engine about 4 years ago and it is rock solid.

I have it installed in my “65” Shelby Cobra replica and it sounds & looks great.

What a head snapper when I step on the gas. I gets lots of positive feedback on this 351W with the polished intake, carb & pulleys.

This engine is the 351W with 400HP that you offer for the Cobra Replicas.

I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest. In fact I have spread your name around to all that have asked me about the engine.

I have a pic of the engine and the car before it went to the body shop. It is now out of the shop and looks and drives awesome.

Thanks again for delivering on your promise.

Best Regards,

Don Munroe Sr.

Don Munroe Sr.

Nick Sandone

From: Nick Sandone []

Bruce / Robert,

I just want to say thanks to all of you, especially Robert for the beautiful engine. Robert, I don’t know how to thank you for the awesome work and attention to detail you applied to this engine, you truly are a talented man, this thing looks amazing. We’ll be dropping it in this weekend, and I’ll send pics when it’s ready to be fired up. Watched the video, and I’m impressed with the tone of this monster. I wish I would have come to you guys 3 years ago, I would be driving this Cobra by now… I will have no problem answering people when they ask, Who did your engine??

Thanks so much!!


Nick Sandone

Steven Losacco

Steven Losacco reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

January 3, 2017 ·

Great guys to deal with from the 1st phone call. Extremely helpful and responsive. Love the engine they built for me!

Steven Losacco

Steve Hirtzel

Steve Hirtzel reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

September 29, 2016 ·

I just received my new Chevy 350/400 HP engine today from the Engine Factory. My relationship with Bruce and Matt has been outstanding. This Beautiful engine will be installed into a 1955 Chevy 210.

I would highly recommend the Engine Factory team to build your next engine.

Steve Hirtzel

Marcus Rick

Marcus Rick reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

February 21, 2017

They built a wonderful 383 Stroker for me which went into a Moab-based 1980 Jeep CJ-7 and therefore was treated with a mild cam for low end torque. It still has plenty of hp. Matt was extremely supportive and helpful and answered all my questions. The engine is now 5 years old with almost only trail mileage and is running perfectly. Thank you guys for this super quality engine!

Marcus Rick

Greg Roselli

Greg Roselli reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 29, 2016

Great service and a beautiful engine. I have some time before I install it but my experience with Engine Factory has been stellar so far. You can tell the business is family-owned and they take a lot pf pride in their work.

Greg Roselli

Spanky Goodin



I’ve been somewhat tardy in letting you know how the 450 HP 383 Stroker motor is working. I now have 2 summers and 10,000 plus miles on it and it’s as strong as the day we first started it. It’s everything that you said it would be and still as pretty as a picture. I just completed Hot Rod Magazines Drag Week, running 1100 miles in 4 days and making 22 consistent passes at 5 tracks. I’ve hooked it to a 700R4 with a 3800 FTI stall converter. The attached photo tells the story. The next time I need an engine, I won’t even bother shopping; I’ll just call you and order what I want. Your service, delivery, and after the fact help is over and above.

Thank-you for a great experience.

Spanky Goodin

Spanky Goodin

Mikes Cobra

Mikes Cobra

I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job building the engine for my Cobra. It was great to find such a great company so close to home when I was looking for an engine builder for my Cobra. The engine looks great, sounds great and runs great. I really enjoyed working with you and your team. I highly recommend your company for anyone considering a performance engine.

Richard Emslie


Hi Bruce – Matt,

The engine that Engine Factory built for me is still on the shipping pallet.

I start it all the time just love the sound it is better than watching TV.

The engine starts easy and runs great.

Brad did an excellent job.

The cam in this engine is really nice.

The racy idle is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for a quality Engine Factory product and the really good info on your website.

Photo attached.

Kind Regards,

Richard Emslie
South Africa

Richard Emslie

Derek D



I just wanted to send a follow-up email to thank you for the unbelievable customer service I have received before, during and after the purchase of my 383 stroker. From my initial phone call to inquire about purchasing a motor to the follow up phone calls to finalize and custom tailor the motor to what I wanted, Matt answered every question completely. Matt outlined the whole process and assured me everything would be done as per our conversation. To my surprise everything DID go as Matt said it would, from the pictures of my motor being built, watching it run live on the stand, to the delivery of it. I know I have said this numerous times but my engine purchase had to be one of the easiest purchases I made during the restoration of my 67 Camaro. (Matt, Thanks again for all your help!!) I would also like to thank you for allowing me to trailer my Camaro down to your production facility in Lebanon, NJ for Jersey boyz (Tim, Brad and Rob) to adjust the timing and carburetor 2 years after it was built.
You have a good group of guys up here, all three jumped right in to help get my engine dialed in perfectly. It now starts, idles and runs amazing. Now I can’t wait to finish the restoration and put some miles on it! Please post my email in the customer’s letters section as another COMPLETELY SATISFIED customer. I still owe the Jersey Boyz lunch or at least a couple of beers.


Derek D.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
383 Stroker 500hp build

Derek D. 383/500HP

Michael Effinger

Michael Effinger

From: Michael Effinger []

Bruce & Matt, Here are some pictures of my 1957 Belair with the 430 HP Motor, Everything went in easily as promised and it fired right up, sounds and runs fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to use the Engine Factory and will recommend you to anybody.

Michael Effinger

Michael Effinger

Max Happy Customer

Max A Happy Customer

Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:54 PM
Engine Factory

Subject: Happy Customer

Dear Tim

Thank you very much for your time.
I really enjoyed being at the shop on Tuesday.
Excellent tips, warm reception, lots of useful information.
And most important of all, I felt welcome, like at home.
I got a new thermostat housing a s gift and, needless to say, I will recommend The Engine Factory to any person interested in building an engine.



Max Happy Customer

Isael Lozoya 69 Chevelle

Isael Lozoya reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

December 11, 2016

They built the 383 460hp for my 69 Chevelle. It’s been in the car now for 6 or so years and it has always performed flawlessly. Thank you

Isael Lozoya

Randell G Monette

Randell G Monette reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

January 26 at 5:55pm ·

Definitely Recommend !!!! I Love It That They Pay Attention To Detail !!!! And They Run The Engine For You live Which Gives You No Doubt Of The Quality Two Thumbs Up !!!!

Randell G Monette