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Bruce . thank you for your professionalism ; its been a pleasure dealing with you .

I sincerely appreciate all your follow thru. looking forward to the install & initial startup.

I will be in touch about the engine for my next Project  ( A Ford 1954 F-100 ) .

Take care  Sincerely Jim Florez.

 Jim your  Video’s >>> Click blue link below wait for picture to open, then click one time   Then click video 2 quick times for full screen and sound. 

Live Run video

Detail Video

 – – – – – – – – – – – 

Jim Your business is appreciated


Bruce, Tim, Alex, and Tucker

Scott McDonald

Good afternoon, Tim, Alex and Bruce, I just want to say really and truly appreciate you ‘all  exceptional engine building skills you are in my eyes are the best in the business without a doubt!  The engine sounds and look awesome it’s a beast without doubt!

Thanks again as always!
Hooah! 2nd to none
Bernard Williams
Email :

Click blue link below wait for picture to open, then click one time, then click video 2 quick times for full screen and sound.

Live Run video >>

Thanks again for letting us Build an Awesome engine for Your Award winning 69 Camaro.

Regards Tim, Alex, and Bruce



les-wentz-engine-buildMultiple Best Engine Winner

Bruce and his Team can put a engine together the way you want it pick out anything you need and they will get it for you quickly. They don’t mess around they do their job and get it back to you in and good time. I never dealt with a place that was so nice and consider it. Even answer your questions if you have any. Keep in touch with you every step of the way. From their shop to yours nothing but excellent. I want to take the time to thank Bruce and all the guys at his shop for doing such a wonderful job. Now I’m a proud owner of one of the best build engines on this planet. Thanks again to for all your expertise a very satisfied customer and will return in the future.

Les Wentz


Hello! Thought you guys would like this.

My dad just won a trophy for “Best Engine” at a car show.

Thanks your guys awesome


Sincerely, Katy Curio (Blevins)





UK Ford Capri Perana 302    Sent: Monday, April 12, 2021 10:09 AM .

Dear Engine Factory,

After many years I finally completed the Ford Capri mk1 V8 Perana full restoration.

I am so proud that you supplied the 302 373 bhp engine which is now powering the historic race/rally car. It’s an awesome engine.

Thank you

Kind regards

Gary Matthews

Wales, UK.

Bruce, Tim, and Alex

I have no words. The impeccable job you and your organization has done for me is greatly appreciated. I will no doubt do my absolute best to refer The Engine Factory to all my muscle car customers. I truly believe we will have an amazing relationship in the future ! Please let your entire crew know how much I appreciate everything. All true words !

1966  400 Oldsmobile 442 Live Run video Ran great

live run video

Detail Video

Kevin Chapman

Absolute Automotive


Thanks to Bruce and Tim for building an awesome small block for my 69’ El Camino.

Just what it needed to finish it off. Looks great and performs even better.

Great job guys. I’ll be letting everyone know where to get theirs.

Check out the video below

Thanks again,

Ken Brittingham





Ian Duncan purchased an Engine Factory – 331 stroker installed in his ’67 Mustang rally car about 10 years ago

He won the east Africa Rally championship 6 times. A couple of times in the mustang beating out Porsches and big dollar race teams……… Mustang 2009. Ian Duncan. Winning

Talk about grueling,  race is over 3,100 miles long over 10 days through the hot desert of Kenya and Tanzania

Thanks Engine Factory for a great engine



Chevy 383 Stroker Video

Adam Bolen Testimonial

383/475 HP Stroker for C10


Bruce and Tim  Finally finished…

Thank you very much for the fantastic engine!

What do you think?  Looks Awesome


Hi, Bruce and Tim .

I thought you might want some pictures of my car and your engine.

Thanks for a great motor.

Charles Lawrence

Sunday, May 3, 2020 4:29 PM
Subject: It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let you guys know I finally installed my engine, I bought it four years ago. Fogged the cylinders with WD-40 and it started on the second crank (I had the kill switch off or it would have started on the first). Great job guys, it sounds fantastic, I had neighbors coming from up and down the street when they heard it start uncapped. Everything you said in your ads and when selling the engine was true. Not a leak, not a miss, no cosmetic defects it simply runs perfect.


James Jones


Sent: Monday, June 21, 2021 12:39 PM

Bruce Your Chevy Engine installed and running in my Cobra replica, sounds and looks great

Dale Finney

January 16 at 4:19 AM ·

Excellent Company! They take the time to talk to someone about their thoughts and their needs for an engine. In return I was asked what kind of vehicle, rear gear size and if manual transmission and how it would be used. Bruce then recommended the engine he thought would give what I was looking for. Answered all my questions and I Never sensed that there was a rush to get off the phone. In the end I got a beautiful engine that looks and sounds awesome! Thanks to everyone at the engine factory for a job well done!!! Dale Finney

Scal Mandray

Scal Mandray reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

May 7, 2016

Excellent service, great quality for my 65 mustang 302 Engine. Shipping for France in great conditions

Scal Mandray

Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Hello Matt and Engine Factory Team.

The engine has arived to my garage in Sweden. Everything looks really good!
Now I have some nice work in the dark Swedish winter.

Thanks alot!Best regards!
Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Master Prestige

Eleanor 600 hp

Hi Engine Factory Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here in Mexico, I share a video link and pictures with you.

Ford Mustang Eleanor 1968 by Master Prestige Mexico !

Ford Mustang Eleanor 1968 !Con mucho orgullo les presentamos un cortometraje que da punto final a este proyecto que realizamos, doy gracias a todo el equipo que formo parte de el. Apoyemos el talento en México COMPARTE !Activa el HD ! #hechoenMexico #hechoenMasterPrestige

Posted by Master Prestige on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Saludos Adrian Barbosa

Saludos Adrian Barbosa

John Volok Build


john-volokThanks Engine Factory for building me an Excellent Engine with Transmission package for my 33 Hot Rod I will send additional pictures as I finish project.

Thanks engine factory for building an awesome engine for my Dream car.

EarthLink Revolves Around You

John Volok

Jerome Ellett

Just to let you know we got the 383 in the car lit the fuse this morning you don’t even have to touch the gas pedal fired right up ran like a top. The cam that you put in sounds good I believe you could set a glass of water on the breather an it would never fall off motor sets there dead still . After we get the front end on the car I’ll take some pictures and send them to you. Don’t surprised if this don’t drum up some business the rod shop that’s got the car were pretty impressed with the motor the way it ran an the throttle response. Right now I’m 100% satisfied.

Click below to hear and see Jerome’s engine run.

Jerome Ellett

Susan Tank

— 5 star

Being a woman, and being far from a mechanic, I somewhat expected to be treated a bit differently, especially with the many questions I had, but that wasn’t the case at all with the Engine Factory family. They were very supportive and helpful in every way. I was beyond impressed with everything about them- from all my phones calls w/questions, fast email replies to even more questions, the email updates of the engine being built, detailed installation instructions, build time, delivery time…..everything. But nothing was more impressive than the engine itself. I wanted to put it in my living room for a few weeks just to stare at it! LOL Just love it! I have another classic car (Mopar) I’m thinking of getting a new engine for sometime in the future and, without a doubt, I’ll be calling the Engine Factory again. You guys are simply Top Notch. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you’ve done. Keep up the outstanding work!

Joe Kalke


From: Joe Kalke []


Here’s a pic of the engine installation in my T bucket.

At this time I would like to thank The Engine Factory, especially Matt & Brad for the outstanding customer service I received with the carburetor issue I had the other day. Customer service like this is hard to find anywhere.

Thanks again,

Joe Kalke

Joe Kalke

Gil Gomez Jr


Thanks guys for Great service and an Awesome engine for my Camaro.

I have received many compliments about the Engine it runs and sounds awesome.

It is everything you said it would be.

Gil Gomez Jr.

Gil Gomez Jr

Richard Emslie

From: Richard Emslie

Matt Brad Bruce,

To be honest I do not have words for what you have built for me; You exceeded all my expectations!

Also even with the big cam the inlet manifold vacuum is amazing, Oil pressure is perfect! I get tears in my eyes looking at the photos

This is a dream come true!

From my heart – THANK YOU

Richard Emslie
Middelburg, South Africa

Richard Emslie

Kris Rolfson

Kris Rolfson

From: Kris

Thanks for the GREAT 383 Stroker Engine. A pic of it installed in 1970 Olds Cutlass. Running through upgraded TH350. Rear end has Auburn posi and 3.73 gears. Did first burnout yesterday.

San Diego

Kris Rolfson

Stephen G Hughes

Stephen G Hughes reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

February 6 at 1:39pm ·

Nothing to hide, everything up-front, walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk

Stephen G Hughes

Leonard Lawton




Leonard Lawton

Todd Hallsten

Todd Hallsten, my father, bought his 350 Chevy from Bruce when I was a young buck. BOY does that 68 RS run like a raped ape. It’s a goal on mine to install one in my own classic when I find one and have the funds. The motor in my father’s Camaro has started like new every time for the past 10 years with no tinkering at all, and I mean at all. Enginefactory will be my first call when the day comes.

Thanks again Bruce.

Todd Hallsten

Richard Emslie


Hi Bruce – Matt,

The engine that Engine Factory built for me is still on the shipping pallet.

I start it all the time just love the sound it is better than watching TV.

The engine starts easy and runs great.

Brad did an excellent job.

The cam in this engine is really nice.

The racy idle is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for a quality Engine Factory product and the really good info on your website.

Photo attached.

Kind Regards,

Richard Emslie
South Africa

Richard Emslie

302 350hp in my 67 Mustang

302 cobra 350hp

302 cobra 350hpHello Everyone at the Engine Factory,

I wanted to take a bit of your time this morning to personally Thank everyone at the Engine Factory for the great work they did in helping me build my 302 Crate Engine 350hp.

It has been a long 3 year journey for a car novice like me in getting my 302 Crate Engine in my 67 Mustang. It was a great hit at my recent Wedding that took place 28 May 2017.

I couldn’t have done it without the professional help from your company that assisted me throughout the purchase and continued to assist me well after the purchase of the engine.

I would like to personally thank Christian, Tim, Brad, Bruce and Matt and everyone else behind the scenes, that assisted me and helped me make my dream come true.

Thank You so much.

Michael Kakuk


Engine Factory,

When  my original engine started giving me problems and because I have limited mechanical abilities I

found that the crate motor approach suited my needs. I researched many other companies and no one was able to compare to yours.

I finally decided to give Matt a call and he patiently and professionally assisted me with the order. I found all the information that I needed posted on your web site .

The motor arrived at the shop on time as promised and was a sight to see. The 350/400 was mated to a 5sp Tremic and the installation was completed without any major problems.

The motor runs fantastic and has plenty of torque to move the 1980 GMC Truck

Michael Kakuk
Grasonville,MD 21638

Michael Kakuk

Phillip Salmon


From: Phillip Salmon []

Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:46 PM


Here are a few pictures of the car. The car won best in class at the

Indianapolis World of Wheels this past February. Your Engine runs great!

Thank you Engine factory.


Phillip Salmon (05/17/12)

LR Wentz

— 5 star

April 12, 2018

Bruce and his Team can put a engine together the way you want it pick out anything you need and they will get it for you quickly. They don’t mess around they do their job and get it back to you in and good time. I never dealt with a place that was so nice and consider it. Even answer your questions if you have any. Keep in touch with you every step of the way. From their shop to yours nothing but excellent. I want to take the time to thank Bruce and all the guys at his shop for doing such a wonderful job. Now I’m a proud owner of one of the best build engines on this planet. Thanks again to for all your expertise a very satisfied customer and will return in the future. Les Wentz

Bucky Andrews

Bucky Andrews

Hey Guys

I just finished my truck the other day here are some pictures.
It runs and looks Awesome!!!!

Bucky’s Video

Thanks again for all your help.

Bucky Andrews
Inventory Control
Houston, Texas 77032

Bucky Andrews

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by

Posted by Muscle Car Engines on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mikes Cobra

Mikes Cobra

I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job building the engine for my Cobra. It was great to find such a great company so close to home when I was looking for an engine builder for my Cobra. The engine looks great, sounds great and runs great. I really enjoyed working with you and your team. I highly recommend your company for anyone considering a performance engine.

Les Wentz 3/30/19

Bruce I would like to add with your email here that I did check out other engine builders and you are right many of them use used or overseas parts from Japan. or China not good. Your engine not only looks good but also runs better than it looks. I am very pleased with the performance of my engine. Also pleased with the service that I got when I purchased the engine. and questions after the purchase. This is where all others fail. You were polite courteous and gave me the answers that I need it. Which incidentally was very nice of you. You made me a lifetime customer. Thanks again Les Wentz   3/30/19


Questions and answers Before you consider making an Engine Purchase on the Internet.


Question:Why are there so many different prices for engines that look similar on the internet.
Answer: Similar is the key word here, many companies will take advantage of customers that are not familiar with certain key words to describe their products and many will misrepresent what is include by using certain parts as props to make them look like it is included, use this link to be sure you get what you pay for. Always Compare before you Buy

Question: How long have you been in Business and do you have any referrals.
Answer:We have been in business since 1969 We have over 140,000 Facebook fans and hundreds of 5 star ratings, on our website, many of our customers will actually post up their email address and they love to talk about their cars and our service.  5-Star Customer Reviews

Question: How can I check to see if a company has a lot of complaints?
Answer: Go to Google and put in the name of the Engine Builder, Not the name of who you are buying it from, type in Builders Name, city, state, and complaints, you will see who the good guys are.

Question: Why should I buy from you?, what makes your company different.
Answer: We established in 1969 same owner and family run for 50 years Very knowledgeable, always answers questions, Emails, Text, and Phone this rare today.

Question: Can I pick out colors and accessory items that make my engine Special.
Answer: Yes of course that is what makes us so special, Tell us what you want to accomplish, how you want it to run, how to look, and how to sound, we will listen and answer your questions and make intelligent choices from our experience, we never try to up sell you.

Question: Do you warranty your engines in house or sell them out to an Independent insurance company that usually denies every claim.
Answer: Our warranty has always been in house, the truth of the matter is we have the lowest warranty rate of any engine company 142,000 Facebook Fans can’t be wrong. Here are the reasons, we use all American quality parts, we live run the engines for 1 hour and do 30 different inspections, engines are assembled by an ASE Certified Family member.

Question:How do I know my engine will arrive safely, and am I protected against Fraud.
Answer: We always suggest you make your Purchase with a credit card, this totally protects you! we only use the Best Freight companies and your engine is professionally sealed up, we use UPS Freight and FedEx freight exclusively.

Tom Tigue

Tom Tigue reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 9, 2016 ·

Back in 2002, I received my 302 in California – Packaging was first rate… now in Hawaii and after close to 165K miles the engine is rock solid – smooth as a baby’s bottom – I have to replace the rocker gaskets and – while at it- the intake gaskets…I was unsure of the port size for gasket selection so sent a note to the Engine Factory…. got a rapid response with part #’s and install tips/cautions.
Now that is customer-centric service – and after 14 years!

Thank you Sirs!…

Tom Tigue

Doug Barcus

Doug Barcus 383 Stroker


After 2 years and 4 months the Camaro is done. The 383 Stroker is incredible!!!

This is my second awesome engine from you. I will call you for my next project.

Doug Barcus

Doug Barcus 383 Strokerdoug-barcus-engine

Greg Roselli

Greg Roselli reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 29, 2016

Great service and a beautiful engine. I have some time before I install it but my experience with Engine Factory has been stellar so far. You can tell the business is family-owned and they take a lot pf pride in their work.

Greg Roselli

Gunther Maier

Gunther Maier Engine Factory Testimonial

From: Gunther Maier []

I did a long research with different crate engine companies. The Engine Factory, Matt and Bruce, is absolutely amazing.

They built the engine for my needs, I am towing my Harley once in a while. Also when you have questions, they will have an answer for you!

Get the matching March serpentine system also, it not only looks great but works even better. The engine is hot tested and runs right out of the box. Everybody who has seen it so far is just wowed. I wanted a daily driver I can depend on and that is what I got.

This was one of the best decisions I made on the truck!

Good luck, give them a call you will not regret it.


Gunther Maier

Isael Lozoya 69 Chevelle

Isael Lozoya reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

December 11, 2016

They built the 383 460hp for my 69 Chevelle. It’s been in the car now for 6 or so years and it has always performed flawlessly. Thank you

Isael Lozoya

Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by EngineFactory.comPosted by Muscle ...
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Engine Factory Engine on trucks tv

Engine Factory 347 Ford Stroker Trucks TV

Engine Factory Ford 347 Stroker on Powerblock TV "Trucks" FactoryPerfecting Muscle Car Engines Since 1969Email: info@enginefactory.comCall: 800-326-6554Posted by Muscle Car ...
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Eleanor 600 hp

Eleanor 600 hp

Hi Engine Factory Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here ...
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