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Chevy 383 Stroker Video

Adam Bolen Testimonial

383/475 HP Stroker for C10


Bruce and Tim  Finally finished…

Thank you very much for the fantastic engine!

What do you think?  Looks Awesome


Hi, Bruce and Tim .

I thought you might want some pictures of my car and your engine.

Thanks for a great motor.

Charles Lawrence

Sunday, May 3, 2020 4:29 PM
Subject: It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let you guys know I finally installed my engine, I bought it four years ago. Fogged the cylinders with WD-40 and it started on the second crank (I had the kill switch off or it would have started on the first). Great job guys, it sounds fantastic, I had neighbors coming from up and down the street when they heard it start uncapped. Everything you said in your ads and when selling the engine was true. Not a leak, not a miss, no cosmetic defects it simply runs perfect.


James Jones


Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by EngineFactory.comPosted by Muscle ...
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Engine Factory Engine on trucks tv

Engine Factory 347 Ford Stroker Trucks TV

Engine Factory Ford 347 Stroker on Powerblock TV "Trucks" FactoryPerfecting Muscle Car Engines Since 1969Email: info@enginefactory.comCall: 800-326-6554Posted by Muscle Car ...
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Eleanor 600 hp

Eleanor 600 hp

Hi Engine Factory Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here ...
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Keith Hall 383 /450HP


Hi Matt & Bruce,

Well it is finally completed. If anyone out there is thinking of purchasing a engine look no further then the Engine Factory!! The engine was flawless as well as a heck of a looker. Working with Matt and Bruce was a pleasure, Matt walked me through the selection along with the process of putting the engine together. Bruce kept me up to date with photo’s of the engine from start to finish. This 383 Stroker with the 450 HP definitely puts the stock 190 HP to shame. Although this 1973 Corvette Stingray has a 3.08 rear-end (helps with gas mileage on weekend cruises) it will still lay down the rubber. The first time the wife drove it she took off from a stop and looked down at the speedometer and was doing 70 in nothing flat. Awesome!! Again it was a total pleasure working with both of you and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat, and will when we move on to another rod! Attached are some photos of the car.

Thanks again Matt & Bruce


Keith Hall

Gil Gomez Jr


Thanks guys for Great service and an Awesome engine for my Camaro.

I have received many compliments about the Engine it runs and sounds awesome.

It is everything you said it would be.

Gil Gomez Jr.

Gil Gomez Jr

Charles Caikoski


Thanks Guys for building us one awesome 331 Stoker for my 1965 Daytona coupe.

Charles Caikoski

Charles Caikoski

Susan Tank

Susan Tank reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

June 22, 2016

Being a woman, and being far from a mechanic, I somewhat expected to be treated a bit differently, especially with the many questions I had, but that wasn’t the case at all with the Engine Factory family. They were very supportive and helpful in every way. I was beyond impressed with everything about them- from all my phones calls w/questions, fast email replies to even more questions, the email updates of the engine being built, detailed installation instructions, build time, delivery time…..everything. But nothing was more impressive than the engine itself. I wanted to put it in my living room for a few weeks just to stare at it! LOL Just love it! I have another classic car (Mopar) I’m thinking of getting a new engine for sometime in the future and, without a doubt, I’ll be calling the Engine Factory again. You guys are simply Top Notch. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you’ve done. Keep up the outstanding work!

Susan Tank

Todd Hallsten

Todd Hallsten, my father, bought his 350 Chevy from Bruce when I was a young buck. BOY does that 68 RS run like a raped ape. It’s a goal on mine to install one in my own classic when I find one and have the funds. The motor in my father’s Camaro has started like new every time for the past 10 years with no tinkering at all, and I mean at all. Enginefactory will be my first call when the day comes.

Thanks again Bruce.

Todd Hallsten

Mikes Cobra

Mikes Cobra

I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job building the engine for my Cobra. It was great to find such a great company so close to home when I was looking for an engine builder for my Cobra. The engine looks great, sounds great and runs great. I really enjoyed working with you and your team. I highly recommend your company for anyone considering a performance engine.

Richard Emslie


Hi Bruce – Matt,

The engine that Engine Factory built for me is still on the shipping pallet.

I start it all the time just love the sound it is better than watching TV.

The engine starts easy and runs great.

Brad did an excellent job.

The cam in this engine is really nice.

The racy idle is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for a quality Engine Factory product and the really good info on your website.

Photo attached.

Kind Regards,

Richard Emslie
South Africa

Richard Emslie

Scott Newell

Scott Newell

From: R Newell []

I bought my 383 engine 3 years ago and it has been one of the best engines I have ever run. I had a small problem with the motor which was sent to me and I notified Matt of my concerns. Matt allowed me to keep the engine in my Nova to finish the remainder of the car shows that I was scheduled to be in, and then had the engine picked up and took care of the problem without hesitation! These guys truly stand behind their products. My next project will surely have an Engine Factory engine as well. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions

Scott Newell
383/510+ HP.

Scott Newell

Marcus Rick

Marcus Rick reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

February 21, 2017

They built a wonderful 383 Stroker for me which went into a Moab-based 1980 Jeep CJ-7 and therefore was treated with a mild cam for low end torque. It still has plenty of hp. Matt was extremely supportive and helpful and answered all my questions. The engine is now 5 years old with almost only trail mileage and is running perfectly. Thank you guys for this super quality engine!

Marcus Rick

Santo Militello

Santo Militello reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

August 19, 2016

They build beautiful outstanding engines! This is my second one. Brad built them both. The first one was in ’09. Their experience and quality is what keeps bringing me back. Matt made sure everything was exactly what I wanted…right down to my silly bolt requests. Everyone over there is great to work with as well.
Thanks again guys…Matt, Brad, and Bruce!

Santo Militello

Simon Dawn – New Zealand


Hi Matt,

After receiving my 430HP 350 Chev Cobra engine from your factory to New Zealand, I would like to thank and complement you and your team for the very professional job you have done on my engine. The engine arrived without a mark on it.

I am delighted with the attention to detail on the finish of the engine and your total commitment to my order details and accommodation of my late change of belt system change.

A very hansom engine admired by all who get to see it.

Thank you & kind regards,

Simon Dawn
New Zealand

Simon Dawn - New Zealand

Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart

Subject: 427 Cobra Engine

Thanks Engine Factory

This thing fits like a glove.  I’m very pleased with the engine and service I will keep you posted as we finish up the car.


Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart

John Volok Show Car


First car show first place!

Thanks engine factory for building me an awesome engine and all your technical support.

Here is a photo of my car in the car show this weekend. It placed First in the class they put me in against 250 entries.

EarthLink Revolves Around You.

John Volok

Gale Osborne

Gale Osborne

Matt and Bruce Thanks for the Awesome Engine You built

For my 87 El Camino

Gale Osborne

Gale Osborne

Scott Baswell

Scott Baswell reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

December 4, 2016 ·

This was the perfect motor for my FFR MK4. Started on the first try. If you plan on building a car, this is the power plant you want under the hood. Thanks guys for all your help.

Scott Baswell

Carl Boland


Hi Bruce, Chris, Rob, etc.-

I couldn’t be happier with this engine- starts and runs great, haven’t had to do a thing except adjust the idle to my liking. Along with the upgraded new suspension and steering the car drives almost like one of Cobra’s vintage Shelby racers. Well, not quite! I’ve only been able to put about 500 miles on it, the biggest problem is not being able to open it up yet! I took it to the Mustang Car Club of New England Fall show and got a first place in the 65-66 ‘stock’ class, and was helped by the great looking engine and freshly detailed engine compartment.

To the right is a picture of the engine installed!

Thanks for your service and a great engine build.

Carl Boland

Carl Boland

Jim Unland

From: Jim Unland []
Subject: 347 Stroker

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write and say that even though I took delivery of my 347 stroker engine almost 6 months ago, I finally got my Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod assembled to the point that I got to start the engine for the first time
yesterday! It started right up and runs great!! We took the car on a little “go kart” ride also and the engine just purred.

Thank you so much for your help with my car. I called a couple of times to get some advice and your staff always was able to answer my questions and get me the information I needed to continue with the car build. Your
customer service is excellent.

Thanks again.

Jim Unland

Jim Unland

Saludos Adrian Barbosa Project Eleanor

Hi Engine Factory Friends ,

We are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here in Mexico, I share a video link and pictures with you.

Saludos Adrian Barbosa
5 Star Rating

Saludos Adrian Barbosa

Ken Garguilo

Ken Garguilo engine factory engine install in 1968 Camaro

From: Ken Garguilo []
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2012 10:53 PM
To: Engine Factory
Subject: Ken Garguilo

Bruce & Matt
Well we finally put the engine in and it is running great. I would like to thank you and your team for doing such a great job on my sons and my 68 Camaro. The engine was far past both of our expectations. You and your team truly lived up to your reputation and I would highly recommend you to everyone. We took it to our first show in New Smyrna and it was a head turner.

Thanks again for doing such a great job and we will enjoy it for many years to come.


Ken Garguilo

Ken Garguilo (009/08/12)

Steve Hirtzel

Steve Hirtzel reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

September 29, 2016 ·

I just received my new Chevy 350/400 HP engine today from the Engine Factory. My relationship with Bruce and Matt has been outstanding. This Beautiful engine will be installed into a 1955 Chevy 210.

I would highly recommend the Engine Factory team to build your next engine.

Steve Hirtzel

Gerald Lunsford

Gerald Lunsford reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

Gerald Lunsford, if you are in the market for a new engine I would take time to call the engine factory, they built me a great engine, if it’s a Chevy ask for Matt Walsh, he will treat you like a customer, will return ,emails , and calls he was a lot of help with the comp. cam co. ever one at engine factory was very nice to talk with.
Gerald Lunsford

Gerald Lunsford

Chuck Brucato

January 5 at 4:57 PM · Bruce was great to work with, he always returned phone calls in a timely fashion. very professional thank you

Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Hello Matt and Engine Factory Team.

The engine has arived to my garage in Sweden. Everything looks really good!
Now I have some nice work in the dark Swedish winter.

Thanks alot!Best regards!
Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Greg Roselli

Greg Roselli reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 29, 2016

Great service and a beautiful engine. I have some time before I install it but my experience with Engine Factory has been stellar so far. You can tell the business is family-owned and they take a lot pf pride in their work.

Greg Roselli

Ian Robinson

6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.

6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.Hi Bruce

I hope you and everyone there at FFR & the Engine Factory are keeping well.

Just a brief note to say a big thanks to you (and the teams behind the scenes) for your help over the past 14 months… following our visit (my son & I) back in September 2015, today I received notification that my Type 65 Coupe (#F5R1000708CPB) is fully road legal here in the UK.

We first started the build on 16th March 2016 – Right Hand Drive / Complete kit / Independent rear suspension / 6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.

Drives & sounds amazing!!! First show booked for July ;0)

Thanks again everyone!

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

331 Ford Stroker Engine

331 ford stroker

A customer dropped by today to show us his Daytona Coupe that we built the 331 Ford Stroker Engine for; great job! Engine runs perfect.

Edwin Kloster

Edwin Kloster reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

December 28, 2015 ·

Built my Early Bronco Engine 347 Love it.
Next project will be turn-key LS for my Chevy truck.
Can’t wait 400 horses torque and more

Edwin Kloster

Gunther Maier

Gunther Maier Engine Factory Testimonial

From: Gunther Maier []

I did a long research with different crate engine companies. The Engine Factory, Matt and Bruce, is absolutely amazing.

They built the engine for my needs, I am towing my Harley once in a while. Also when you have questions, they will have an answer for you!

Get the matching March serpentine system also, it not only looks great but works even better. The engine is hot tested and runs right out of the box. Everybody who has seen it so far is just wowed. I wanted a daily driver I can depend on and that is what I got.

This was one of the best decisions I made on the truck!

Good luck, give them a call you will not regret it.


Gunther Maier

Ron Brin


From: ron brin –

Subject: 350 350 Hp pictures installed in 86 Camaro

Dear Matt Bruce and Everyone:

Just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all your great work and help with my 86 Camaro 350 350Hp.

I received the motor in about 2 weeks and had it installed and running in 2 days NO PROBLEMS at all.

I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. Runs like a beast.

And thanks again for all your hard work on building these great motors..

Ron Brin
Largo, FL

Ron Brin

Mats 350 engine shipped to Sweden

350 engine shipped to Sweden

Subject: 350 engine shipped to Sweden

Hello Matt

At last the car is ready and we have started up the engine! It sounds and looks really good!

As you can see on the picture that even the wierd Americans like it.

Best regards Mats