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Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by EngineFactory.comPosted by Muscle ...
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Engine Factory Engine on trucks tv

Engine Factory 347 Ford Stroker Trucks TV

Engine Factory Ford 347 Stroker on Powerblock TV "Trucks" FactoryPerfecting Muscle Car Engines Since 1969Email: info@enginefactory.comCall: 800-326-6554Posted by Muscle Car ...
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Eleanor 600 hp

Eleanor 600 hp

Hi Engine Factory Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here ...
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John Baragwanath

John Baragwanath reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

March 18, 2016

Matt gave me great service. I ordered a 350 Chevy for my 69 Camaro and inported it to Chile in South America. The motor runs great and I have had no problems. I recommend them 100%

John Baragwanath

Don Munroe Sr


Thanks engine factory for supplying me with a great engine. I bought this engine about 4 years ago and it is rock solid.

I have it installed in my “65” Shelby Cobra replica and it sounds & looks great.

What a head snapper when I step on the gas. I gets lots of positive feedback on this 351W with the polished intake, carb & pulleys.

This engine is the 351W with 400HP that you offer for the Cobra Replicas.

I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest. In fact I have spread your name around to all that have asked me about the engine.

I have a pic of the engine and the car before it went to the body shop. It is now out of the shop and looks and drives awesome.

Thanks again for delivering on your promise.

Best Regards,

Don Munroe Sr.

Don Munroe Sr.

Jack Farnsworth



Thought you might like to see some pics of the completed project. Your engine looks great and runs even better. Thanks for your help, and great engine!

Jack Farnsworth

Servpro of E. Bellevue, Inc. (425) 643-1200

Jack Farnsworth

Michael Effinger

Michael Effinger

From: Michael Effinger []

Bruce & Matt, Here are some pictures of my 1957 Belair with the 430 HP Motor, Everything went in easily as promised and it fired right up, sounds and runs fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to use the Engine Factory and will recommend you to anybody.

Michael Effinger

Michael Effinger

Mike Pravecek

Mike Pravecek

Engine Factory Team especially Brad Thanks for the great service building me an awesome Chevy Stroker for my 71 Nova.

Mike Pravecek

Mike Pravecek

LR Wentz

— 5 star

April 12, 2018

Bruce and his Team can put a engine together the way you want it pick out anything you need and they will get it for you quickly. They don’t mess around they do their job and get it back to you in and good time. I never dealt with a place that was so nice and consider it. Even answer your questions if you have any. Keep in touch with you every step of the way. From their shop to yours nothing but excellent. I want to take the time to thank Bruce and all the guys at his shop for doing such a wonderful job. Now I’m a proud owner of one of the best build engines on this planet. Thanks again to for all your expertise a very satisfied customer and will return in the future. Les Wentz

Phillip Salmon


From: Phillip Salmon []

Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:46 PM


Here are a few pictures of the car. The car won best in class at the

Indianapolis World of Wheels this past February. Your Engine runs great!

Thank you Engine factory.


Phillip Salmon (05/17/12)

Robert Truss

Robert Truss

HI Matt

Wanted to give you an update on the 408 stroker MOPAR engine you built for my 1977 Dodge Warlock. Finally got the truck finished and I am real pleased with the engine package. You guys went the extra mile to ensure I had a Top of the Line Package. The transmission you recommended, was a perfect selection. Your technical bulletins prior to starting the engine were great. Helped us to avoid any missed steps, in preparing the engine to fire for the first time. The truck is a Beast, not only does it look good, but it has more power than one can imagine. Your engines do make Horsepower. Scared myself on the second road trip I took, LOTS OF POWER. I appreciate your attention to detail, and your customer support. Keep up the GOOD WORK.

Robert Truss

Robert Truss

Patton Tire

Patton Tire reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 19, 2016 ·

great people to deal with from start to finish ! they do what they say they are going to do . very professional.

Patton Tire

Joe from Sunny California






Joe I am glad to see you are enjoying both!!!! The car and your engine.

Joe from Sunny California

302 350hp in my 67 Mustang

302 cobra 350hp

302 cobra 350hpHello Everyone at the Engine Factory,

I wanted to take a bit of your time this morning to personally Thank everyone at the Engine Factory for the great work they did in helping me build my 302 Crate Engine 350hp.

It has been a long 3 year journey for a car novice like me in getting my 302 Crate Engine in my 67 Mustang. It was a great hit at my recent Wedding that took place 28 May 2017.

I couldn’t have done it without the professional help from your company that assisted me throughout the purchase and continued to assist me well after the purchase of the engine.

I would like to personally thank Christian, Tim, Brad, Bruce and Matt and everyone else behind the scenes, that assisted me and helped me make my dream come true.

Thank You so much.

Jan Nordin of Sweden



Matt, Brad and Bruce

Thanks for a great engine for my 1964 Chevy Impala it looks awesome. Bruce thanks for all the technical information, pictures and live run video. I will send pictures once I have everything finalized.

Jan Nordin

Jan Nordin of Sweden

Andrew Wichita

andrew wichita engine build by engine factory

Bruce and Matt,

You guys built me an engine 5 years ago. Last month, I finally finished the project. The engine you guys built runs great and despite sitting for about a year, fired up the first time we turned the key.

Thank you for making a solid, reliable product!


Andrew Wichita

Keith Hall 383 /450HP


Hi Matt & Bruce,

Well it is finally completed. If anyone out there is thinking of purchasing a engine look no further then the Engine Factory!! The engine was flawless as well as a heck of a looker. Working with Matt and Bruce was a pleasure, Matt walked me through the selection along with the process of putting the engine together. Bruce kept me up to date with photo’s of the engine from start to finish. This 383 Stroker with the 450 HP definitely puts the stock 190 HP to shame. Although this 1973 Corvette Stingray has a 3.08 rear-end (helps with gas mileage on weekend cruises) it will still lay down the rubber. The first time the wife drove it she took off from a stop and looked down at the speedometer and was doing 70 in nothing flat. Awesome!! Again it was a total pleasure working with both of you and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat, and will when we move on to another rod! Attached are some photos of the car.

Thanks again Matt & Bruce


Keith Hall

Vicente Emilio Velutini

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 7:05 PM

Dear Bruce, Matt and Brad,

Thank you very much for building my super 434ci stroker 550 HP engine for my 1980 camaro z28, in a way that was right on schedule, beautifully done, with such professionalism the way it was accomplished, with pictures of the step by step built up and finalizing, with a video turning the engine on and listening to the sound it makes.

I still have to put the engine on the chassis, and I will keep you posted on the progress.

I will certainly look you guys up, for my next rebuilt project.

Thank you Matt for your patience with me, and the conference calls with Bruce and Brad, to finish such a fantastic looking piece of mechanical art.

All the best,

Vicente Emilio Velutini
5 Star Rating

Ajit Ramchandran

From: Ajit Ramchandran []
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 10:08 PM
To: Engine Factory
Subject: A Big Thank You !

Good Morning Chris,

Just a note to say thank you very much for having done my engine. I know that I have come to the best place on earth for engines. Bruce has been updating me on the progress of that engine, and I know that he has done a great job. This thank you goes out to Bruce too.

All in all, you guys have given me great service and really appreciate all that you guys have done. I have been restoring cars for a long time now and deal with a huge number of companies, as I have over 22 American classic cars and need parts all the time, and the experience with Engine factory has been nothing short of “outstanding”. Extremely professional, and great attention to service and detail.

Thank you.

I have been sharing my experience with a number of Car enthusiasts here and they all join me in saying you guys are great. It is the huge hassle and expense of getting these engines into India that deters most of us. I am being brave.


Ajit Ramchandran (06/22/12)

Dale Finney

January 16 at 4:19 AM ·

Excellent Company! They take the time to talk to someone about their thoughts and their needs for an engine. In return I was asked what kind of vehicle, rear gear size and if manual transmission and how it would be used. Bruce then recommended the engine he thought would give what I was looking for. Answered all my questions and I Never sensed that there was a rush to get off the phone. In the end I got a beautiful engine that looks and sounds awesome! Thanks to everyone at the engine factory for a job well done!!! Dale Finney

Garret Henchcliffe

Garret Henchcliffe reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

Contemplating Engine factory? Buy with confidence!!! These guys put together a solid product! I bought a 427 stroker and it took me a long time to make up my mind to trust someone… so glad I went this route. Runs perfect, all adjusted, drop in. Very personable and they are extremely detail oriented not only on the outside, but on the inside too…. not a slap together job by any means…. F….n flies!

Garret Henchcliffe

Jim Unland

From: Jim Unland []
Subject: 347 Stroker

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write and say that even though I took delivery of my 347 stroker engine almost 6 months ago, I finally got my Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod assembled to the point that I got to start the engine for the first time
yesterday! It started right up and runs great!! We took the car on a little “go kart” ride also and the engine just purred.

Thank you so much for your help with my car. I called a couple of times to get some advice and your staff always was able to answer my questions and get me the information I needed to continue with the car build. Your
customer service is excellent.

Thanks again.

Jim Unland

Jim Unland

Ian Robinson

6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.

6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.Hi Bruce

I hope you and everyone there at FFR & the Engine Factory are keeping well.

Just a brief note to say a big thanks to you (and the teams behind the scenes) for your help over the past 14 months… following our visit (my son & I) back in September 2015, today I received notification that my Type 65 Coupe (#F5R1000708CPB) is fully road legal here in the UK.

We first started the build on 16th March 2016 – Right Hand Drive / Complete kit / Independent rear suspension / 6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.

Drives & sounds amazing!!! First show booked for July ;0)

Thanks again everyone!

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

Simon Dawn – New Zealand


Hi Matt,

After receiving my 430HP 350 Chev Cobra engine from your factory to New Zealand, I would like to thank and complement you and your team for the very professional job you have done on my engine. The engine arrived without a mark on it.

I am delighted with the attention to detail on the finish of the engine and your total commitment to my order details and accommodation of my late change of belt system change.

A very hansom engine admired by all who get to see it.

Thank you & kind regards,

Simon Dawn
New Zealand

Simon Dawn - New Zealand

Steve Hirtzel

Steve Hirtzel reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

September 29, 2016 ·

I just received my new Chevy 350/400 HP engine today from the Engine Factory. My relationship with Bruce and Matt has been outstanding. This Beautiful engine will be installed into a 1955 Chevy 210.

I would highly recommend the Engine Factory team to build your next engine.

Steve Hirtzel

Kris Rolfson

Kris Rolfson

From: Kris

Thanks for the GREAT 383 Stroker Engine. A pic of it installed in 1970 Olds Cutlass. Running through upgraded TH350. Rear end has Auburn posi and 3.73 gears. Did first burnout yesterday.

San Diego

Kris Rolfson

Doug of Senoia Ga.



WoW!!!  First I want to say,  JOB WELL DONE!!

I received my 350 and it is GREAT. After my previous fiasco with another company, yes I installed there engine twice. They still couldn’t get it right. So I turned to Bruce & Matt at the Engine Factory. Best decision I have made in a long while. I installed it, and she runs like, lets just say “SWEET” I want to thank all involved in building a fine engine. Now I can finally enjoy my 1971 Chevy Nova!!

If your reading this and you have not decided on where to purchase your engine, let me just say, you are already there! “THE ENGINE FACTORY”

Thanks again!!!

Senoia Ga.

John SammyB704


Dear Engine Factory Team,


My 350 Chevy engine was all that I could ask for and more. It looks great.  It runs great and it sounds even better.  You did a fantastic job.  I can hardly wait for spring.

Once again, thanks,


Finished assembly and testing today everything turned out 100%. Please understand your engine Tests quiet because the EPA & OSHA now makes us vent the exhaust sound out 30 feet away from the engine >>> Thanks Big Government. Click on the blue link below it is a short video clip of your engine running. After you install a nice set of Headers and Flow Master Mufflers Your engine will sound Awesome!!!!!

John SammyB704

Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Hello Matt and Engine Factory Team.

The engine has arived to my garage in Sweden. Everything looks really good!
Now I have some nice work in the dark Swedish winter.

Thanks alot!Best regards!
Mats Gyllensvaan

Mats Gyllensvaan

Susan Tank

Susan Tank reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

June 22, 2016

Being a woman, and being far from a mechanic, I somewhat expected to be treated a bit differently, especially with the many questions I had, but that wasn’t the case at all with the Engine Factory family. They were very supportive and helpful in every way. I was beyond impressed with everything about them- from all my phones calls w/questions, fast email replies to even more questions, the email updates of the engine being built, detailed installation instructions, build time, delivery time…..everything. But nothing was more impressive than the engine itself. I wanted to put it in my living room for a few weeks just to stare at it! LOL Just love it! I have another classic car (Mopar) I’m thinking of getting a new engine for sometime in the future and, without a doubt, I’ll be calling the Engine Factory again. You guys are simply Top Notch. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you’ve done. Keep up the outstanding work!

Susan Tank

Tom Tigue

Tom Tigue reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

July 9, 2016 ·

Back in 2002, I received my 302 in California – Packaging was first rate… now in Hawaii and after close to 165K miles the engine is rock solid – smooth as a baby’s bottom – I have to replace the rocker gaskets and – while at it- the intake gaskets…I was unsure of the port size for gasket selection so sent a note to the Engine Factory…. got a rapid response with part #’s and install tips/cautions.
Now that is customer-centric service – and after 14 years!

Thank you Sirs!…

Tom Tigue

Benton Ellis


From: Benton Ellis []

Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 9:30 AM

To: Bruce Nelson

Bruce thanks for the 408 Stroker you made for me. Your team exceeded my expectations. The engine arrived on time, was easy to install, and started right up. It ran and sounded great! I can’t wait to drive my Cobra in a few weeks. It is a great choice for Lone Star’s 7 day build!

Thanks again.
Benton Ellis

Benton Ellis (06/09/11)

Randell G Monette

Randell G Monette reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

January 26 at 5:55pm ·

Definitely Recommend !!!! I Love It That They Pay Attention To Detail !!!! And They Run The Engine For You live Which Gives You No Doubt Of The Quality Two Thumbs Up !!!!

Randell G Monette