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Bruce . thank you for your professionalism ; its been a pleasure dealing with you .

I sincerely appreciate all your follow thru. looking forward to the install & initial startup.

I will be in touch about the engine for my next Project  ( A Ford 1954 F-100 ) .

Take care  Sincerely Jim Florez.

 Jim your  Video’s >>> Click blue link below wait for picture to open, then click one time   Then click video 2 quick times for full screen and sound. 

Live Run video

Detail Video

 – – – – – – – – – – – 

Jim Your business is appreciated


Bruce, Tim, Alex, and Tucker

Scott McDonald

Good afternoon, Tim, Alex and Bruce, I just want to say really and truly appreciate you ‘all  exceptional engine building skills you are in my eyes are the best in the business without a doubt!  The engine sounds and look awesome it’s a beast without doubt!

Thanks again as always!
Hooah! 2nd to none
Bernard Williams
Email :

Click blue link below wait for picture to open, then click one time, then click video 2 quick times for full screen and sound.

Live Run video >>

Thanks again for letting us Build an Awesome engine for Your Award winning 69 Camaro.

Regards Tim, Alex, and Bruce



les-wentz-engine-buildMultiple Best Engine Winner

Bruce and his Team can put a engine together the way you want it pick out anything you need and they will get it for you quickly. They don’t mess around they do their job and get it back to you in and good time. I never dealt with a place that was so nice and consider it. Even answer your questions if you have any. Keep in touch with you every step of the way. From their shop to yours nothing but excellent. I want to take the time to thank Bruce and all the guys at his shop for doing such a wonderful job. Now I’m a proud owner of one of the best build engines on this planet. Thanks again to for all your expertise a very satisfied customer and will return in the future.

Les Wentz


Hello! Thought you guys would like this.

My dad just won a trophy for “Best Engine” at a car show.

Thanks your guys awesome


Sincerely, Katy Curio (Blevins)





UK Ford Capri Perana 302    Sent: Monday, April 12, 2021 10:09 AM .

Dear Engine Factory,

After many years I finally completed the Ford Capri mk1 V8 Perana full restoration.

I am so proud that you supplied the 302 373 bhp engine which is now powering the historic race/rally car. It’s an awesome engine.

Thank you

Kind regards

Gary Matthews

Wales, UK.

Bruce, Tim, and Alex

I have no words. The impeccable job you and your organization has done for me is greatly appreciated. I will no doubt do my absolute best to refer The Engine Factory to all my muscle car customers. I truly believe we will have an amazing relationship in the future ! Please let your entire crew know how much I appreciate everything. All true words !

1966  400 Oldsmobile 442 Live Run video Ran great

live run video

Detail Video

Kevin Chapman

Absolute Automotive


Thanks to Bruce and Tim for building an awesome small block for my 69’ El Camino.

Just what it needed to finish it off. Looks great and performs even better.

Great job guys. I’ll be letting everyone know where to get theirs.

Check out the video below

Thanks again,

Ken Brittingham





Ian Duncan purchased an Engine Factory – 331 stroker installed in his ’67 Mustang rally car about 10 years ago

He won the east Africa Rally championship 6 times. A couple of times in the mustang beating out Porsches and big dollar race teams……… Mustang 2009. Ian Duncan. Winning

Talk about grueling,  race is over 3,100 miles long over 10 days through the hot desert of Kenya and Tanzania

Thanks Engine Factory for a great engine



Chevy 383 Stroker Video

Adam Bolen Testimonial

383/475 HP Stroker for C10


Bruce and Tim  Finally finished…

Thank you very much for the fantastic engine!

What do you think?  Looks Awesome


Hi, Bruce and Tim .

I thought you might want some pictures of my car and your engine.

Thanks for a great motor.

Charles Lawrence

Sunday, May 3, 2020 4:29 PM
Subject: It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let you guys know I finally installed my engine, I bought it four years ago. Fogged the cylinders with WD-40 and it started on the second crank (I had the kill switch off or it would have started on the first). Great job guys, it sounds fantastic, I had neighbors coming from up and down the street when they heard it start uncapped. Everything you said in your ads and when selling the engine was true. Not a leak, not a miss, no cosmetic defects it simply runs perfect.


James Jones

Jun-Jen So

Jun-Jen So reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

7 years ago me and a couple of other friends bought our engines from them. My engine in particular was a 347 stroker with 425 hp that went into an FFR Roadster MK3. Car weighed barely 2,300 lbs.! It had Edelbrock carb but ran smooth like it had an EFI setup. Today the engine starts up just like I did the first time… I’m going to do a GT40 replica project soon and looks like someone’s phone will be ringing again soon..

Jun-Jen So

Dan Campau

Bruce, Tim and Christian,

Here is my 347 Stroker running for the first time. Absolutely awesome!

Thank you, Tim, for doing such an excellent job with the build.

Thanks to the whole Engine Factory team for putting together easy to follow instructions and providing great service. I recommend Engine Factory to all FFR Roadster builders.

Best regards,

Dan –

Dan Campau

Frank Day

frank day

Chris & Bruce

It’s been almost 5 years since I ordered my HO 302/375 HP Engine.
My FFR MK3 roadster project is finally coming to a close with paint and final assembly. I’ve had several test runs and this motor is a beast. I want to thank you and your assembly team for delivering such a great product. The motor ran great from day one. This really was the right power to weight ratio for this frame. Both friends and family always comment on the engine dress package. Not only does it have great internal components for performance it also looks great as well.

Thanks Again and I won’t hesitate to recommend your engines to future FFR builders.

Again many thanks
Frank Day

Frank Day

Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

Engine Factory Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

One of customers 1955 Bel Air that we built a Chevy 350 with Dual Quads. Built by

Posted by Muscle Car Engines on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Steve Keller

Steve Keller

Thanks guys for building an Awesome engine for my Mustang, sorry it took so long to send picture.

Steve Keller

Steve Keller

Ron Busch 383

ron bush

Finally finished my truck,1931 Ford Model A.

The 383 you built for me is fantastic. This engine is so well balanced you wouldn’t know it was running, the awesome sound puts that to bed. I haven’t put too many miles on it so I have been taking it easy. I can’t wait to get some more miles on it so I can see what it will really do. Easiest, safest, and by far the most bang for the buck you will find anywhere. Thanks also to the delivery of the engine. The driver helped me get it into my garage, and being a true gear head he wouldn’t take a tip. He said he really just wanted to see what it looked like !

Thank you Engine Factory.


Ron Busch 383

Nick Sandone

From: Nick Sandone []

Bruce / Robert,

I just want to say thanks to all of you, especially Robert for the beautiful engine. Robert, I don’t know how to thank you for the awesome work and attention to detail you applied to this engine, you truly are a talented man, this thing looks amazing. We’ll be dropping it in this weekend, and I’ll send pics when it’s ready to be fired up. Watched the video, and I’m impressed with the tone of this monster. I wish I would have come to you guys 3 years ago, I would be driving this Cobra by now… I will have no problem answering people when they ask, Who did your engine??

Thanks so much!!


Nick Sandone

Richard Butala

I do not have any questions., but would like to tell you how much I like your web sites, They are so informational and so easy to navigate. I will tell you truth when I was looking for my engine I kept coming back to your web site for the info I needed, when looking at other sites that didn’t offer much help. I soon realized that your company was the one I wanted to do business with. The videos made me more comfortable about handing my hard earn money over to people I didn’t know. I felt that all of you were very honest hard working people and would do what you said. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been taken by other business. So whoever designed your web site is one genius.

Richard Butala

Richard Butala

Ray Show

Ray Show Any man that can play with a engine while wearing a white sweater I will buy an engine from you!!!

Ray Show

Robert Truss

Robert Truss

HI Matt

Wanted to give you an update on the 408 stroker MOPAR engine you built for my 1977 Dodge Warlock. Finally got the truck finished and I am real pleased with the engine package. You guys went the extra mile to ensure I had a Top of the Line Package. The transmission you recommended, was a perfect selection. Your technical bulletins prior to starting the engine were great. Helped us to avoid any missed steps, in preparing the engine to fire for the first time. The truck is a Beast, not only does it look good, but it has more power than one can imagine. Your engines do make Horsepower. Scared myself on the second road trip I took, LOTS OF POWER. I appreciate your attention to detail, and your customer support. Keep up the GOOD WORK.

Robert Truss

Robert Truss

Charles Caikoski


Thanks Guys for building us one awesome 331 Stoker for my 1965 Daytona coupe.

Charles Caikoski

Charles Caikoski

Danny Butler Trike



My trike with your engine installed. Runs Great!

Thought you might want to see this.

Danny Butler

Danny Butler

Kevin Keith

November 19, 2018

whatever your engine choice may be,the guys will do a great job!,all engines regardless if size and cost are given the same attention,5 stars too the guys!! .built me a beautiful 383 stroker dual quad,arrived as stated,they are true too their word..thanks

Spanky Goodin



I’ve been somewhat tardy in letting you know how the 450 HP 383 Stroker motor is working. I now have 2 summers and 10,000 plus miles on it and it’s as strong as the day we first started it. It’s everything that you said it would be and still as pretty as a picture. I just completed Hot Rod Magazines Drag Week, running 1100 miles in 4 days and making 22 consistent passes at 5 tracks. I’ve hooked it to a 700R4 with a 3800 FTI stall converter. The attached photo tells the story. The next time I need an engine, I won’t even bother shopping; I’ll just call you and order what I want. Your service, delivery, and after the fact help is over and above.

Thank-you for a great experience.

Spanky Goodin

Spanky Goodin

Ron Brin


From: ron brin –

Subject: 350 350 Hp pictures installed in 86 Camaro

Dear Matt Bruce and Everyone:

Just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all your great work and help with my 86 Camaro 350 350Hp.

I received the motor in about 2 weeks and had it installed and running in 2 days NO PROBLEMS at all.

I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. Runs like a beast.

And thanks again for all your hard work on building these great motors..

Ron Brin
Largo, FL

Ron Brin

Max Happy Customer

Max A Happy Customer

Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:54 PM
Engine Factory

Subject: Happy Customer

Dear Tim

Thank you very much for your time.
I really enjoyed being at the shop on Tuesday.
Excellent tips, warm reception, lots of useful information.
And most important of all, I felt welcome, like at home.
I got a new thermostat housing a s gift and, needless to say, I will recommend The Engine Factory to any person interested in building an engine.



Max Happy Customer

Mike Pravecek

Mike Pravecek

Engine Factory Team especially Brad Thanks for the great service building me an awesome Chevy Stroker for my 71 Nova.

Mike Pravecek

Mike Pravecek

Brian Rozell

Brian Rozell

Finally have the engine installed in my car. Looks and sounds great!


Brian Rozell
Rozell Industries Inc.

Brian Rozell

Jan Nordin of Sweden



Matt, Brad and Bruce

Thanks for a great engine for my 1964 Chevy Impala it looks awesome. Bruce thanks for all the technical information, pictures and live run video. I will send pictures once I have everything finalized.

Jan Nordin

Jan Nordin of Sweden

Mike Mezo

Mike Mezo

Thanks Engine Factory for Building an Awesome LS3 / 610 horsepower Engine
for my Dads 1962 Nova.

Mike Mezo

Mike Mezo

Benton Ellis


From: Benton Ellis []

Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 9:30 AM

To: Bruce Nelson

Bruce thanks for the 408 Stroker you made for me. Your team exceeded my expectations. The engine arrived on time, was easy to install, and started right up. It ran and sounded great! I can’t wait to drive my Cobra in a few weeks. It is a great choice for Lone Star’s 7 day build!

Thanks again.
Benton Ellis

Benton Ellis (06/09/11)

Dean Monteleone

Dean MonteleoneSuper happy with this engine!  It’s been a long project, but behind my fuel injected 347, You guys have been fantastic from day one of the build and still helpful years after delivery. I have a Tremec TKO 5 speed and a Currie 9” rear end with 31 spline axles, Tru-Trac differential, and 3:70 gears.  My exhaust starts with ceramic coated JBA long tube headers,  stainless steel 2 1/2” pipe, a pair of Borla resonators and Flowmaster 40 series mufflers.  Thank you so much.  I would recommend The Engine Factory to anyone.

Regards Dean Monteleone

John Baragwanath

John Baragwanath reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

March 18, 2016

Matt gave me great service. I ordered a 350 Chevy for my 69 Camaro and inported it to Chile in South America. The motor runs great and I have had no problems. I recommend them 100%

John Baragwanath

Isael Lozoya

Isael Lozoya reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

January 19 at 2:29pm ·

Absolute best customer service I have ever experienced.. motor ships today and can’t wait to receive it … I’ll update my review upon delivery of motor …

It was completed and shipped ahead of schedule … was given updates on motor as progress went on

I have multiple other projects I will be using them for any motor builds.

Isael Lozoya

Jim Unland

From: Jim Unland []
Subject: 347 Stroker

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write and say that even though I took delivery of my 347 stroker engine almost 6 months ago, I finally got my Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod assembled to the point that I got to start the engine for the first time
yesterday! It started right up and runs great!! We took the car on a little “go kart” ride also and the engine just purred.

Thank you so much for your help with my car. I called a couple of times to get some advice and your staff always was able to answer my questions and get me the information I needed to continue with the car build. Your
customer service is excellent.

Thanks again.

Jim Unland

Jim Unland

Andrew Wichita

andrew wichita engine build by engine factory

Bruce and Matt,

You guys built me an engine 5 years ago. Last month, I finally finished the project. The engine you guys built runs great and despite sitting for about a year, fired up the first time we turned the key.

Thank you for making a solid, reliable product!


Andrew Wichita

Tim Wise


Thanks Engine Factory for building me this awesome 350/400 hp engine for my 68 Camaro keep up the good work.

Tim Wise

Tim Wise

Randell G Monette

Randell G Monette reviewed Muscle Car Engines5 star

January 26 at 5:55pm ·

Definitely Recommend !!!! I Love It That They Pay Attention To Detail !!!! And They Run The Engine For You live Which Gives You No Doubt Of The Quality Two Thumbs Up !!!!

Randell G Monette

Shawn Phelps


Shawn-Phelps-1Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 11:08 AM

Hey Bruce, Brad, Matt and Crew,

The engine is in and I am just putting the finishing touches on it.


Shawn Phelps

Shawn Phelps (11/16/10)

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Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer

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