Many builders out there quote you for a partial engine, with offshore parts, and assembled by who knows.

When you purchase from Engine Factory, you are making an investment in a quality product.

We are a family owned company since 1969. We have outstanding customer service with an A+ rating.

All our engines are assembled by ASE certified engine builders.
Please take a few minutes to compare below. We have what you want, at competitive prices. It’s your money, so it is best to do it once and do it right.

Engine Factory Engine Brand X
compare-engine-factory-engine compare-brand x
Engine Factory 383 Stroker Engine
450 Horsepower Late Model Roller Block.
383 Stroker Crate Engine
340 Horsepower using a Reman used Block.

All Engine Factory Engines are live run and a video is sent to you before it leaves our factory.

Before you purchase an engine anywhere ask the questions below. Ask for them in writing. Engine Factory
Brand X
1.  Does the engine come with a new Carburetor? Yes No
2. Does the engine come with an American made intake? Yes Off Shore
3. Does the engine come with a New Distributor Yes No
4. Ask for the Rebuilders name so that you can check complaints on the internet. 100’s of 5 Star No
5. Engine Factory Builds it’s Stroker Engines with late model blocks. Yes Reman
6. Engine Factory Uses High Performance Vortec Cylinder Heads 200 Runners with 64cc Chambers . Yes Off Shore
7. Engine Factory Uses Roller Camshafts, Roller Lifters, and Roller Rocker arms. Yes Off Shore
8. Does the Engine come with your choice of custom Valve covers? Yes Off Shore
9. Does the Engine come with New oil Pan? Oil pump, and screen? Yes Off Shore
10. Engine Factory always installs new Timing cover and seals up engine 100%. Yes No
11. Engine Factory installs and supplies New Harmonic Balancer, and Matched Flexplate. Yes No
12. Does the engine come with PCV Ventilation system? Yes No
13. Do they Use American Made Pistons, Rings, and Piston pins? Yes Off Shore
14. Engine Factory Uses Eagle Crankshafts and are Balanced in house on our stroker engines. Yes Off Shore
15. Engine Factory uses Eagle connecting rods on our stroker engines. Yes Off Shore
16. Engine Factory live runs every engine, and documents with a live run video link sent to you. Yes No
17. Engine Factory seals up the cooling system and does a cooling system vacuum test. Yes No
18. Engine Factory Installs new Fuel Pump and lines and test for leaks. Yes No
19. Engine Factory Install a new Thermostat, housing and water pump. Yes No
20. Engine Factory Hot run test its engines for 40 minutes and does over 30 Quality Inspections. Yes No
21. Engine Factory Uses 100% American Made Gaskets and seals. Yes Off Shore
22. Engine Factory Adjust all the Valves and checks lifter Preload assures quiet Valve Operation. Yes No
23. Engine Factory Adjust Distributor Timing at all RPM’s. Yes No
24. Engine Factory adjust Carb Mixture screws, Fast Idle, and Choke operation. Yes No
25. Engine Factory test oil Pressure both hot and cold and inspected for any leaks. Yes No
26. Engine Factory uses High Temp ignition wires and looms. Yes No
27. Engine Factory Test from Idle to 5,000 RPMs and checks for any engine noises or vibrations. Yes No
28. Do you have a choices of colors, finishes, wire colors and accessories prior to purchase? Yes No
29. Can you speak to the ASE tech that will build your engine? Yes No
30. Engine Factory Provides technical and installation details and videos to assist your installation. Yes No

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