George 350/375HP

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to send a brief message to let you know that my 350/375 hp engine is running to perfection. Thanks to you, my 82 Vet now has the power, the muscle, the punch that I’ve always wanted. : }

Its not often that one can do business with a company that actually lives up to their reputation. I’m happy to say that you and the folks at The Engine Factory have done just that. Everything arrived on time and as described on your website, which by the way, is a very useful site.

Its been a real pleasure doing business with you. Your knowledge, professionalism, suggestions, support, etc. has far exceeded my
expectations. Moreover, your accessibility and willingness to help during and after my transaction is very reassuring.

So, thanks Matt for making this a very pleasurable experience. You guys are phenomenal!!


Attached is a picture of the installed engine.