86-95 Mustang 347/425HP Stroker Engine

86-95 Mustang 347/425HP Ford Stroker Engine
Priced as Shown Below   $14,845.00


 Holley Systemax Polished Intake System #300-72S also available in black #300-72BK

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Packaged And Crated No charge.
No Core charge, Sold Outright
Additional cost of Options Below
Alternator system Add $990.00
Alternator and PS add $1,970.00
Alternator PS and AC add $ 2,540.00
Standard Balanced Flywheel add $325.00
igh torque starter add $240.00

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  • Precision Machined 347 Stroker Roller Block
  • Forged steel stroker Crankshaft
  • Harmonic Balancer 28 OZ 91011
  • HD I Beam Connecting Rods
  • SRP Flat top forged pistons
  • Speed Pro Chrome Moly Piston Rings
  • 3 Piece Steel Double Roller Style Timing Chain
  • Comp Hydraulic Roller Camshaft #35-351-8
  • New High pressure Melling Oil Pump Em68A with Screen
  • Flo-Tek Performance Aluminum Heads
  • Roller Rockers
  • Hi Rev Roller Valve Lifters
  • New Chrome Moly Push Rods
  • New rear Sump Oil Pan M6675A50
  • Wix 51085 Plus oil Pressure extended Fitting
  • New Timing Chain Cover with special stud kit
  • Late model Resto Valve covers # 6582B
  • Automatic Flex-plate for AOD Trans Pa 26467 28 OZ Bal
  • Holley Systemax Polished Intake System #300-72S also available in black #300-72BK
  • BBK  70 MM throttle Body
  • New 30 Lb. Fuel Injectors
  • BBK 70 MM TB Spacer
  • MSD 8456 Electronic Distributor
  • 90 Degree Water Temperature Thermostat Housing
  • Gates by pass hose 20662
  • Champion spark Plugs RC 12YC #71
  • Taylor 8mm Wires and looms.
  • New Chrome Thermostat Housing
  • New Reverse rotation water pump and accessory stud kit
  • lower intake bolt kit for heater pipe.
  • Blue Printed, Assembled By ASE Technicians