302 Ford 350 HP

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Packaged And Crated No charge.

No Core charge, Sold Outright

Alternator system Add $900

Alternator and AC add $1,800

Alternator and PS  add $1,700

Alternator PS and AC add $ 2,200

Custom Aluminum Valve covers & Air Cleaner Add $320

Holley Sniper electronic Fuel injection add $1,750

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302 Ford Engine 350 Horsepower

  • Precision Machined 302 Roller Block
  • Nodular Cast Iron Crankshaft
  • Shot Peened & Stress Relieved Connecting Rods With 190,000 Psi Hardened Bolts
  • Hypereutectic Federal Mogul 9.5 To 1 Compression
  • Speed Pro Chrome Moly Piston Rings
  • 3 Piece Steel Double Roller Style Timing Chain
  • Custom Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • New Melling Oil Pump And Screen
  • Edelbrock Performer Rpm Aluminum Cylinder Heads
  • Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Intake Valves
  • Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Exhaust Valves
  • Hard Seats For Unleaded Or Regular Fuel
  • Heavy Duty 1.45 Diameter Valve Springs, 7 Degree Locks
  • Champion Spark Plugs Gapped And Installed
  • Roller Rockers
  • New Chrome Moly Push Rods
  • New Chrome Front Sump 5 Quart Oil Pan
  • Timing Chain Cover With Scale
  • Chrome Baffled Valve Covers
  • Automatic Flexplate
  • New Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • New Quick Fuel 600 CFM Carburetor With Electric Choke
  • Electronic Ignition Distributor. 1 Wire Hook-Up 45,000 Volt Coil Pak
  • 45 Degree Water Temperature Thermostat Housing
  • Taylor 8mm Wires
  • New Chrome Thermostat Housing
  • New Fuel And Water Pump
  • Chrome Dip Tube And Dipstick
  • New Chrome Air Cleaner
  • New Fuel Lines And Gas Filter
  • Hot Run Tested Includes Setting Initial And Full Timing Advance
  • Video Footage Shown Of Your Engine In Test Stand
  • Blue Printed, Assembled By ASE Technicians
  • Crating And Packaging

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Block Color, Ignition Wire Color, Valve Cover & Air Cleaner Choices

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