363 Ford 4 Bolt Main 500 HP Stroker

363 / 500 Horsepower

Shown with optional pulley system.

Block Color, Ignition Wire Color, Valve Cover & Air Cleaner Choices

Choose a Belt System for your Alternator, Power Steering & A/C

$13,700.00 plus optional items Below

  • Packaged And Crated No charge.
  • No Core charge, Sold Outright
  • Alternator system Add $900
  • Alternator and AC add $1,800
  • Alternator and PS  add $1,700
  • Alternator PS and AC add $ 2,200
  • Custom Aluminum Valve covers & Air Cleaner Add $320
  • Holley Sniper electronic Fuel injection add $1,750


  • New 4 Bolt Main Ford Boss Block
  • New Scat Forged Stroker Crankshaft
  • Internal Balance
  • New Scat Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods With Arp Heavy Duty Retaining Bolts
  • Mahle 4.125 Forged Pistons 10 To 1 Compression, use pump Gas 93 Octane.
  • Moly Rings 1.5mm 1.5mm 3.00mm
  • Heavy Duty Double Roller Melling Timing Set
  • New Hydraulic Roller Cam Shaft
  • Cam 2500-6000 Rpm Power Range
  • Clevite Street Racing Bearings
  • Aluminum Performance Heads With Stainless Steel Valves,
  • Hardened Valve Locks And Chrome Moly Retainers And Hd Valve Springs
  • Chrome Moly Pushrods
  • Roller Rockers
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump
  • Ford Head Gaskets M-6051-R351
  • Complete Fel-Pro Gasket Set
  • New Harmonic Balancer O balance
  • New Automatic Transmission Flexplate
  • New Oil Pan, Front or Rear sump available
  • Aluminum Timing Cover
  • Polished Aluminum Valve Covers
  • New Fuel Lines And Gas Filter
  • Hot Run Tested And Dialed In
  • Video Footage With Engine Running In Our Test Stand
  • New Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • New Quick Fuel 750vs CFM Carburetor With Electric Choke
  • New High flow Water Pump
  • High Volume Fuel Pump
  • Electronic Ignition Distributor, With 40,000 Msd Volt Coil
  • Ignition Timing Set
  • New Champion Spark Plugs & 8mm Wires
  • New Chrome Thermostat Housing
  • Chrome Air Cleaner
  • PCV Ventilation System
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