Q & A Before You Buy

Questions and Answers Before you consider making an Engine Purchase on the Internet.

Question: Why are there so many different prices for engines that look similar on the internet.
Answer: Similar is the key word here, many companies will take advantage of customers that are not familiar with certain key words to describe their products and many will misrepresent what is include by using certain parts as props to make them look like it is included, use this link to be sure you get what you pay for. Always Compare before you Buy

Question: How long have you been in Business and do you have any referrals.
Answer: We have been in business since 1969 We have over 140,000 Facebook fans and hundreds of 5 star ratings, on our website, many of our customers will actually post up their email address and they love to talk about their cars and our service. 5-Star Customer Reviews

Question: Why should I buy from you?, what makes your company different.
Answer: We established in 1969 same owner and family run for 50 years Very knowledgeable, always answers questions, Emails, Text, and Phone this rare today.

Question: Can I pick out colors and accessory items that make my engine Special.
Answer: Yes of course that is what makes us so special, Tell us what you want to accomplish, how you want it to run, how to look, and how to sound, we will listen and answer your questions and make intelligent choices from our experience, we never try to up sell you.

Question:Do you warranty your engines in house or sell them out to an Independent insurance company that usually denies every claim.
Answer: Our warranty has always been in house, the truth of the matter is we have the lowest warranty rate of any engine company 142,000 Facebook Fans can’t be wrong. Here are the reasons, we use all American quality parts, we live run the engines for 1 hour and do 30 different inspections, engines are assembled by an ASE Certified Family member.

Question:How do I know my engine will arrive safely, and am I protected against Fraud.
Answer: We always suggest you make your Purchase with a credit card, this totally protects you! We only use the Best Freight companies and your engine is professionally sealed up, we use UPS Freight and FedEx freight exclusively.

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