Tim Nelson

Hi, I’m Tim,

I’ve worked at Engine Factory since 1988. I’ve been building muscle car engines & live run just about every combination out there.

Our company has stood the test of time while others have come & gone. We have always been up front & honest to every customer, that’s why we have hundreds of 5 star reviews.

With literally hundreds of different parts that can go into an engine build we get it right the first time. After the initial sale is made, I review what the vehicle is and build a custom build sheet for your vehicle. Every aspect of the build process is thought of.

While other companies will just sell you a one size fits all approach that never works in this business. We make sure no stone is left unturned. We ask all the right questions, Like how much horse power you want. What the vehicle is being used for, street/strip/show/drag racing/everyday street cruiser. What suspension are you running so we can supply you the proper oil pan. We know what serpentine pulley kit will work.

We always test each engine with complete pulley kit installed. That’s very important that insures alternator is charging & belt alignment is perfect & no leaks are present. Every engine goes through a rigorous quality control test. Engines even go through a cool down cycle & restarted to assure 100% perfection.

A personalized video will also be sent of your engine running in our live run stand. Every engine is only built with top of the line American made parts so they last.

We look forward to working with you building your dream car. Every customer we deal with always says this was the best decision they ever made.

Thanks Tim Nelson

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