Brad Schuler

I found the Engine Factory on Facebook. I watched & read everything that was on there. I then went on the website. I also read Everything on there. No one has more knowledge than they do. I talked to Bruce many times. He was always Courteous, & eager to help me with any, & all questions. I have even emailed him late at night. (Sunday @ 10:30 pm). He responded in ten minutes!! I asked him why he responded. Bruce said: Customers always come first. He’s been a great salesman to work with. I got to see some pictures of the engine, as it was being assembled. When completed, I got to see the final product, & watch them run it on video. It’s all preset, & broken in, ready to run. They crated it up & shipped it to me. I can’t wait to get it installed & drive it. Thank you Bruce, & All your team. Brad Schuler
Review By: Brad Schuler ( – Zip Code: 57106
Submitted: 06/16/2022